DC Diaries – Part 3

My move to Washington, DC has been a whirlwind of emotions – happiness, sadness, excitement, grief, and so much more. Moving to the big city has been OH SO exciting. However, what is even more exciting is the fact that I am finally moving into my new place and getting my feet off the ground and, yes, it is exciting!

The past few weeks, I struggled to feel as if I had my ducks in a row. You know, the feeling when you feel as if NOTHING in your life is in place?! Yep – that feeling. I have been living in a guest room for the past few weeks as I wait to move into my apartment and for it to be ready for me to do just that. Having my items literally in suitcases and boxes has made me go a bit crazy and feel as if my ducks are anything but in a row. Naturally, I do not know many people who enjoy living out of a suitcase unless they’re traveling, and it can feel overwhelming and exhausting for sure. I feel very fortunate that I do not start my job until July 26 and that my company wanted me to have 2 months off before even starting to work. It has been such a blessing, and I cannot thank them enough for giving me this time. So, I am very excited to get settled in and get prepared more so for my job.

Although I will not share too much about the company that I am going to be working for and prefer to keep that information private, I will tell y’all that I am extremely excited to be working there! The company culture and everyone I have met there are extremely kind, driven, and willing to learn and grow. It is such a great place!!!

In the past few weeks that I have been in the Washington, DC area, I have missed having friends to hang out with. As I have mentioned before, it is most definitely weird to not have my friends living in the same apartment complex as me or even within the same exact square mile – something that my readers currently in college and/or graduate school and living with college friends need to savor every moment of!!! Never did I ever think I would download Bumble again, I tried multiple dating apps but they are just not for me and I currently want to focus on my career and love being single, but I did.

Hold your horses, though, I downloaded Bumble BFF NOT Bumble dating, and, yes, there is a version of Bumble where you can meet friends and ONLY friends. Let me tell y’all, I LOVE Bumble BFF! My friend Claire told me about it and how she met some pretty cool folks on there, so I decided to give it a try, too. Bumble BFF is pretty fun and it has been a great way to meet friends who are also looking for friends and starting out in the Washington, DC area, too. I am also pretty lucky to have a few friends back at home from high school – shoutout to Wyatt, Haley, Violet, Laura, and so many more – as well as fellow influencer Talia of Dresses and Democracy. I am also a new member of The Blogger Union’s Washington, DC chapter and I am going to an event with them along with Talia and I cannot wait to meet other influencers in my own backyard. Through and through, it is always nice to make new friends as well. Like I said, the more the merrier!!!

While these next few weeks will be crazy, my life in Washington, DC is also getting crazy exciting! AND, my ducks are beginning to *finally* feel as if they are getting in a row. Cheers to a great week y’all!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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