Bright & Preppy Office Space

After over 2 months of having this place not fully set up, I can *finally* say that my Office Space is fully set up and ready to go! But, as they say on The Bachelor, wait … there’s more! My Office Space is not only my Office Space, but it is also a lounge area, closet space, makeup space, and, most importantly, it’s practically a Lady Cave. Here we go!!!

As in the past, I would link items where I could. However, this time I will not be since there are A TON of things. Most though have been purchased in the past at places like Ikea, antique stores, Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Lilly Pulitzer, Hobby Lobby, Kate Spade, Rae Dunn, and much more!

Happy Lady Cave is a Happy Lady!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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