How I Got Involved in College

Getting involved is a GREAT way to stay in the know and connected to others when in college! Throughout my four years at Meredith College, I got involved in a ton of different ways (you read more about them here). As a recent college grad, I definitely have experienced the in’s and out’s of getting involved at college and staying connected throughout your four years (or more or less) of college, even with COVID-19 (I also wrote a guide on that, too – read it here!). There are a variety of ways that one can get connected within their college campus, which I am happily here to share!

How To: Get Involved at College

  1. Attend club fairs – colleges have a variety of different organizations. Club fairs are an opportunity to go learn more about all of the clubs and organizations that you can get involved in on your campus. You can easily acquire a lot of information on several different organizations. Most of these organizations also have opportunities for you to connect with them such as signing up for email lists, connecting on social media, etc. The best part?! You get to learn about them all all at once!
  2. Facebook Groups and other social media pages – the majority of colleges have Facebook Groups of sorts. I know that Meredith College has a Facebook Group for each class which is an excellent way to meet all accepted students and students who eventually will become official members of your college class. Not only can you meet potential roommates and suite mates from these groups, but you can also connect with folks in various other ways. Meredith is a much smaller college than others, so, personally, I am not as aware of if other colleges have other Facebook Groups beyond theirs classes. But, whatever your school does have, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!!
  3. Introduce yourself to a friendly face – whether in in the classroom, dining hall, or around campus, if you see a friendly face then introduce yourself! Bit the bullet and create ties with someone new. For instance, in the classroom, it is always super nice to have study buddies. As you dig into your major-related classes, it is super great to have created bonds with those within your major and major-related classes. Some of the best bonds that I have created are with those from within my major and truly connected with them. My fellow Math major friends and I would get together every so often and have dinners together along with attending events on-campus. Moreover, you can also connect and get involved with folks in your academic area of interest, too, in college events, clubs, and much more!
  4. Attend club/organization functions of your interest – attending a club’s/organization’s meetings is an excellent way to meet others that may be on the same wavelength as yourself when it comes to that area of interest that can be offered there. Many clubs/organizations provide others with the opportunity to attend events and get involved on their campus within several ways.
  5. Know that it TAKES TIME – one of the things that I needed to realize but didn’t right away is that your involvement and friendships in college do not come to you right away. Trust me, it ALL TAKES TIME! Just be open to whatever comes your way and establish as many connections as you can and, trust me, it will all unfold the way it is meant to and when you least expect it.

Getting involved in college can be daunting, but it is so rewarding in the end. The relationships that you will establish could last a lifetime and some, if not many, will. The same goes for the memories that you will make, too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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