Weekly Menu Round-Up: August 9-13

Love me some delicious and healthy meals! This week’s menu is filled with some delicious and healthy meals that I have enjoyed in the past and am looking to continue to enjoy. Ever since I moved into my first-ever college apartment, I started planning weekly menus. My Aunt April gave me the idea when she shared her weekly menus with my cousins in the kitchen. So, I have loved sharing them with y’all and continue to moving forward, too!

Meal-Prepped Lunch

This week, I am trying a healthy, carb-less Italian dish! I am trying a Kale Sautee with Polenta. Although this recipe calls for sausage, I am going to stick with a vegetarian option and do this recipe sausage and meat-free! I am really looking forward to trying this recipe, as I have been looking to try something with polenta recently. I will also be serving it with an over easy egg over it!

Meal 1

To kick off the week, I will be enjoying air fryer Tilapia rubbed in spices such as Cayenne, Garlic Powder, and Paprika along with roasted broccoli and a sweet kale salad. I will also be enjoying this meal with my Papa!

Meal 2

Growing up, one of my favorite recipes ever was my Mom’s Pesto Bread Crumb Salmon! So, I am whipping it up in my own kitchen this week and serving it with roasted cherry tomatoes and buttered noodles.

Meal 3

If you follow along with my Instagram Stories recently, then you may know that I am an avid Food Lion grocery store fan! My local Food Lion has a variety of fresh and pre-marinated seafood. Last week, I picked up a bunch of tilapia on sale in that section and this week I am trying their Mahi Madi marinated in roasted garlic. I will be serving it with roasted sweet peppers and brown rice.

Meal 4

One of my best friends is coming over this week and I am having one of our favorite seafood dishes with it – Roasted Butter Scallops.I will also be serving it with sautéed peas in garlic along with some mashed cauliflower and *of course* French fries!

This week’s menu is one that I am most definitely really looking forward to! Here’s to more great meals this week and beyond!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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