Relationship Sunday’s – Praying for your Future Spouse

Relationships come and go, but the one person that will leave a lasting impact in your life is your future spouse. Well, if you so end up desiring to have a future spouse someday – many of you probably do if you’re reading this. The process of waiting for your future spouse to pop into your life can be daunting, especially when you have no clue as to when they could pop up into your life. Uncertainty is huge when waiting and praying for your future spouse, but it is apart of it all. As a fellow single and person who is wondering who her future spouse will be, I have found the power of praying for your future spouse to be a great way to welcome them into your life before they ever are in your life.

I remember the first time that I wondered who my future spouse may be. It was when I was in high school and I would watch YouTube videos of fellow influencers who were many years older than me getting married. I am a firm believer that all weddings are beautiful in their own and unique way to that couple. These weddings that I would watch on YouTube made me not only wonder what my future wedding would look like and, most importantly, who my future spouse would be. Everyday, I pray for them in these few ways and I hope you will in ways that you want to pray for yours too.

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Ways I Pray for my Future Spouse

1 – Pray for who they are and who they will become – Future spouses can literally be anybody: they could be someone in our lives today or from the past, or someone that we have yet to meet. Whoever they may be, I pray for who they are as a person and who they will become helps us to pray for their growth as we are growing as humans too. In life, having a sense of self is important. Don’t we want our future spouses to have that same sense of self?! I want to truly put my full self into whatever we can best invest myself in at whatever stage of life I may be in, and I can only pray that my future spouse is doing the same for themselves too. When I realize when God puts who is meant to be your spouse into my life, I want to be the person that I am meant to be and to be ready for that person with open arms. This same idea is meant for my spouse, too. When praying for my future spouse, I pray that they end up growing into the person that they are meant to be and are working towards becoming that person as well.

2 – Pray that whatever they’re going through, that they stand tall and will get through it too – All of us go through good times and bad times in our lives. Whether they be good or bad, I pray that my future spouse gets through them and knows how to get through them, too, even if they don’t at the moment. I pray that those tough times shape my future spouse into the person that they are meant to be. I pray that those harder times in life allow them to work through the times that we may have as a couple together, as well. All couples experience both great and not so great times in life. However, each couple must get through them together. So, I pray that whatever my future spouse is going through, it shapes them for what is to come, whatever that may be and if it is just them or us together.

3 – Pray that they value their education as much as I do – Personally, I find education to be a very important investment. Growing up, my parents valued investing in education and I pray that my future spouse finds that value in investing in education, too. One of my biggest prayers is that my future spouse has taken the time to invest in a college education and witnessed the benefits all around of it – the academic, social, financial, and career. I pray that they have reaped the benefits of it and made the most out of their college days or are continuing to, even during these trying COVID-19 times. Whether or not they are still in school, I pray that they see the benefits that an education of all kinds can bring to their life and how it has in theirs.

4 – Pray that they are career-driven or will be once they graduate from college or graduate school – I pray that my future spouse strives to put their career as a priority in their life. I pray that they are working towards, whether or not they are still in college or graduate school, a career-focused future and that they are striving to excel in their career at whatever stage they may be in. I pray that they pick a career that is best for themselves and that they are truly passionate about. From that passion, I pray that it ignites a light in their eyes and a light where they can share their passion for their career with me someday as well.

5 – Pray that they have and will establish strong, grounded friendships – Friendships are important. My friends are some of the most impactful people in my life. Over time, I have been fortunate enough to be able to have established such strong friendships with people that live all over the East Coast – New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida to name a few – and be able to maintain them along the years. Friends are such a key part of our personal and social lives. I pray that my future spouse has some quite incredible friends, too. I pray that those friendships that my future spouse has are strong, grounded friendships that will last for several years to come. Also, I pray that those friendships last into when we meet and become one and that they can be my friends someday, too. I pray that my friends can become friends with my future spouse and share examples of loving friendships along with their friendships. Lastly, I pray for my future spouse’s friends.

6 – Pray that they have a strong sense of family – Whatever and whoever their family may be, I pray that my spouse’s family keeps them grounded. I pray that the love that my spouse has for me and others someday stems from their family and the love that they have for others, too. I pray that my spouse’s family aka my future in-law’s are warm and welcoming and simply kind people. I pray that they love family as much as I do and the same goes for my future spouse. I pray that they value family and put family first in all ways possible. The old phrase “you do for family” is one of those phrases that is so vital in life and with of course family.

7 – Pray that they are financially smart – I pray that my future spouse is smart with their money when making financial decisions. I pray that they are preparing not only for a better financial future, but that they are treating themselves here and there too. I pray that they are using their time now to prioritize themselves financially. I pray that if they want to travel, that they do it, or if they want to purchase seasonal passes to watch their favorite football team play, that they do. Overall, I pray that they are working towards a brighter financial day both today and tomorrow.

Overall, praying for my future spouse helps me to have the encouragement that they will come into my life when God is ready for us both to meet and become one another’s future spouse. While my future spouse and I will have and live a happy, faithful life together side by side someday, I also know that we are both meant to not be married to one another at this time and enjoy our lives independently for the time being. Most importantly, if you are reading this to the very last sentence, I pray that God or whatever higher power that you believe in provides you with that encouragement and clarity, too.

XOXO – Katie <3

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