72 Hours in Florence, Italy

Ciao bella’s! Welcome to Florence!!! If you know me, then you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel. Summer of 2018, I had the blessing of being able to study abroad in Sansepolcro, Italy – a small Tuscan town literally under the Tuscan sun. While in Sansepolcro, I travelled to a variety of Italian cities – including Rome, The Vatican (which actually its own country), Siena, Lucca, Verona, Venice, and as I’ll obviously be sharing more about today Florence.

If you didn’t know, Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy. Well, at least I think it is! If not, then it is within the heart of Tuscany and holds a rich history to Italy and our world as we know it. This city is at the heart of the Italian Renaissance. People from all over have come to Florence to admire its rich history and plethora or incredible artwork, architecture, and even fashion (I’ll get into that one more later!). Not to mention, Italy is notorious for its incredible food scene and *of course* gelato. Even, the McDonald’s menus and selection is 10 billion times better than what you can find here in the United States – no seriously! If you are in Italy or planning to visit, then you do not want to miss visiting Florence.

While in Florence, I visited on two separate occasions – one for a day trip with my classmates from where we stayed in Sansepolcro and two for a weekend with some of my classmates. When given the opportunity to decide where to go for our first travel break, some of my classmates and I knew that we wanted to go back to Florence for it. One whole day in this city just wasn’t enough, and it indeed wasn’t! For this post, I will be focusing on what I did in Florence as a whole rather than breaking it up into two parts.

What I Did

Admiring the waterfront views from the Galileo Museum!

Florence has a variety of things to do and luckily, I was able to hit many of the incredible sites that this city has to offer! Those sites to see include: admiring the outside of the magnificent Duomo, strolling through the gardens of Pitti Palace, seeing the sculpture of David done by Michelangelo at the Accademia Gallery, gushing over the Gucci fashions from decades ago to now at the Gucci Garden, taking in all of the artwork at the Uffizi Gallery, learning more about astronomy at the Galileo Museum, and walking along the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge. Not to mention, I also enjoyed a plethora of Italian foods and wines along with admiring the amazing shops to offer – Italy has some pretty great Zara’s – and simply just taking it all in.

Pitti Palace Gardens!
The iconic Michelangelo’s Sculpture of David at the Accademia Gallery
Dessert Italian style – a cannoli!
A trip to the Gucci Garden – FREE with a Student ID!
At Ponte Vecchio!
The Pitti Palace gardens
Florence’s magnificent streets!
A sketch along the walls of the Gucci Garden
The Duomo!
The stunning ceilings and floors of the Uffizi Gallery
Gucci gown at the Gucci Garden
Admiring the top of the town from the Pitti Palace gardens
Enjoying one of my favorite pasta’s – gnocchi!
The iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge in all its glory
All the details at Pitti Palace
The well-known Venus painting at the Uffizi Gallery
The glorious streets of Florence!
The Duomo tower!!!
Those Duomo views from the windows of the Uffizi Gallery!!
A well-known Gucci piece used in a film at the Gucci Garden
Sculptures at Pitti Palace Gardens
Sculptures at Pitti Palace Gardens!
A visit to a winery in the city!
One of my favorite paintings “Flora something” – I think – at the Uffizi Gallery
The extraordinary streets of Florence
Casually fangirling at the Gucci Garden

Overall, Florence is most definitely a site to see here in Italy. Not only does Florence offer a wide array of things to do and eat, but it also has a rich history that has managed to stay preserved through several good and trying times for Italy as a whole. It serves a strong presence in our world history and it will hopefully stay that way for many years and generations to come. That being said, GO TO FLORENCE if you ever get to!

XOXO – Katie <3

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