The Life of Katie!

Hey y’all! Today, I am starting a brand-new series on the blog – The Life of Katie! Essentially, I will be sharing with y’all a peek into my life and the inner workings of how I spread confetti here on The Pink Chickadee. Now, before I share a bit about my life, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn more about yours, too. So, I would LOVE for you at the end of this post to comment one or more things that you’re looking forward to this week — let’s keep the good energy flowing!

What’s Been on my Mind?!

  • Grey’s Anatomy‘s & Private Practice‘s Addison Montgomery – I have discovered the values in relating to TV characters. Recently, I have really enjoyed connecting to Addison Montgomery who was initially on Grey’s Anatomy and then went onto have her own spinoff Private Practice. While she was on Grey’s Anatomy, I wasn’t as keen of her until she left the show. On the contrary, when her character began to grow on Private Practice and become her own beyond the Grey’s Anatomy scene at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital, I truly enjoy getting to see her life unravel. One of my very favorite parts is when Addison begins going to a therapist all dolled up in her pearls looking like Audrey Hepburn! Addison Montgomery is someone who comes across as super classy and put together, but like us all, she is not. Seeing her go to therapy and embrace is is such a beautiful thing that I hope everyone gets to experience someday in their life.
  • Buy less & shop my closet more – In recent weeks, I have become keen to shopping a lot. As I am accumulating so many new pieces to wear and enjoy, I want to actually be able to wear and enjoy them and not just buy buy buy. While shopping is fun, it can become an addiction that is unhealthy. At the same time, I am enjoying shopping within my own closet and truly exploring the potential that it has to offer!

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

  • Delight Iced Coffee – If you know me, then you know that I have recently become addicted to iced coffee! My favorite brand for iced coffee has become the Delight brand, and I get their cartons of either the Vanilla or Carmel flavor. Personally, I am an EXTREMELY brand loyal person! My friends at school would make fun of me because I am one that if I like something, then I stick with it. In fact, I have worn the same exact brand and product of mascara since high school, shopped for the majority of my shopping days at Lilly Pulitzer, and have only used the same brand of Bath & Body Works lotion since I was 12. Yes, I am that crazy of a person, but it works, and the same concept goes for my iced coffee, too. Yet, I am quite a bit more adventurous when it comes to coffee than I am with other things!
  • Upcoming collaborations – I do not want to spill the beans on what is to come, but y’all I am extremely extremely extremely excited about some of the upcoming collaborations that I have in store for y’all! Each of the brands that I have been working with or will be working with truly embody a part of what I want to share here on my platform. At the same time, in addition to working with some brands, I am also working on teaming up with some of my fellow influencer friends on some fun things as well. I find so much strength in being able to team up with others in your niche and pulling into one another’s strengths.
  • Notebooks – Recently, I have become a notebook fanatic! As previously mentioned in one of my recent blog post, I’ve honestly felt like Lexie Grey on her first days of her internship at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital in the show Grey’s Anatomy fastidiously taking notes. One of my former professors on my very first day of classes at Meredith once said that we are more likely to remember things when we take notes with paper and a pen. She was right! In college, I ALWAYS typed my notes, but then as I got into the workforce, I noticed that I really like using a paper and pen and am much more likely to remember what I wrote, too. This week, I am planning on going to Target aka my favorite place to get some adorable and affordable notebooks and I cannot wait – its the little things y’all!!!
  • Blog structural changes – You heard me right: I am going to be changing up the structure and flow of how I run my platform here at The Pink Chickadee. Personally, I have been struggling recently with the ways that I would implement content, especially as I have started my new job, and knew that I needed to switch things up a bit. I have also talked with some of my fellow influencer friends who are making similar changes, themselves – something that is remarkably refreshing! These structural changes will not impact too much how things flow, but things will probably flow with a *little* less structure than before. Overall, I will be putting in place ways that I can still share content, balance my job, and give y’all a deeper peek into my life.
  • Land’s End – Y’all I have become OBSESSED with Land’s End! Although Land’s End may be targeting an older demographic than my age range to some extent, I have recently discovered that the majority of their pieces are remarkably timeless. In that being said, Land’s End products will carry you throughout the years, the trends that come and go, and the good and the bad days all while in style! My Mom has shopped all of the brand’s sales over the years and managed to get some oh so adorable work clothing work under $25/piece. She definitely got me hooked, too! Land’s End also has had some pretty awesome sales going on for a while now which I have shopped and found some great pieces for work, socializing, and much more. In fact, many other fellow influencers within my niche such as Jamie of Miss Maximalist have styled some of the brand’s pieces too. Not to mention, their monogrammed canvas totes of ALL sizes are such classic staples AND typically on sale for a steal!

Recent Purchases & My Wishlist Items

  • Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Pumpkin Syrup – Call me basic all you want, but I just bought not one but two bottles of Jordan’s Skinny Mixes’s low-fat pumpkin syrup! This syrup goes into anything, ranging from coffee to hot chocolate to waffles, ice cream, and everything in between. I tried it in my coffee and wasn’t a fan, but I am really excited to use it on some sweet treats this Fall and Winter season. You can shop it here, but I would 10/10 highly recommend going to your local Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods to get this for $3 or more cheaper!
  • K-Cups at Home Goods – You heard me right – RUN to Home Goods or Marshall’s/TJ Maxx for K-cups from now on! I have discovered that I can get a box of 18 K-cups for $7.99 which is if I’m lucky the price for 10 or 12 at my local Food Lion. I could not resist this deal, and I know I will be coming back for more in the coming weeks/months. If you’re interested in searching for this deal, then most definitely check out your local Marshall’s/Home Goods/TJ Maxx store.
  • Christian Siriano at Marshall’s – The other day, I popped into my local Marshall’s store where low and behold, I saw some of high-end Project Runway winner Christian’s Siriano’s designs on the racks! If you have never heard of Christian Siriano, then you may have heard about when his entire atelier became a mask-sewing sanctuary back in March 2020 when lockdowns were being enforced and masks were in high demand. Although I did not get anything this go around, I was very impressed by what I saw of his at my local store. The pieces, ranging from jackets to tops and chunky knit cardigans, were high-quality and all under $50. Definitely a great deal! That being said, I for sure am eyeing purchasing a piece of his within the next few times that I stop by my local Marshall’s.
  • Disney x Kate Spade Surprise Alice in Wonderland Teapot Crossbody – Ever since I saw the launch of the Disney x Kate Spade Surprise Alice in Wonderland-themed collaboration pop up onto my computer screen, I knew that I would be eventually digging into this collaboration much more! At Meredith College where I went for undergrad, the school had a tradition of putting on a performance of Alice in Wonderland every four years and it’s very bittersweet. So, needless to say, I have become oh so very obsessed with this Disney movie and performance myself! I feel that this crossbody would be super fun to bring on a trip into the city, whether it be New York City or my hometown of Washington, DC and for a Disney trip! You can shop the crossbody here.

What’s on the Docket?!

  • Friends visiting – This coming weekend, my good friends from Meredith, Cassie and Caroline, are coming to visit me here in DC! I am so excited to show them around my stomping grounds, although Caroline is pretty familiar with the area herself, and enjoy some Georgetown Cupcake aka my favorite bakery. It will be nice to get a taste of the many memories I made at Meredith College with some of my favorite people from there!
  • Fall Crafting – Crafting has recently become one of my favorite hobbies to wind down after a long day. I find it very effective to be able to get off of my phone and focus on something other than my phone or laptop. Currently, I am focused on crafting items for the upcoming Fall 2021 season, and I am loving the craft section at The Dollar Tree. Y’all – The Dollar Tree has really stepped up their game, specifically when it comes to their crafting products. Crafting has allowed me to shift my focus and curate something that I will cherish for years to come!

Now, as I have said up above, I want to hear something exciting going on with YOU! Comment down below something that’s on your wishlist, a favorite product (whether old or new), or something you’re looking forward to. Whatever it is, I want to know!

XOXO – Katie <3

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