How I Spice Up My Work from Home Routine

With the COVID-19 pandemic transforming the workplace now more than ever, working from home is becoming more commonplace now more than ever. I have been working from home since I started my job at the end of July and will continue to do so until the beginning of 2022 and most likely beyond. Working from home may not be ideal for some, but it is essential especially with the Delta variant and the safety and health risks that COVID-19 brings to us all. Even beyond this ongoing pandemic, working from home will continue to be a common thing. Today, I am going to share how I spice up my own work from home routine in a variety of different ways.

How I Spice Up My Work From Home Routine

  • Coffee Breaks – As someone who is addicted to coffee, I take many many many coffee breaks throughout the day. Recently, I have become *obsessed* with iced coffee and purchased the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Machine (read my review of it here). It takes just about five minutes to prepare and make my own iced coffee, and it is most definitely worth it. Not only does a coffee break allow me to fuel up before I get back to working, I also can take a mini mental break away from the screens.
  • Dog Walks – I have a Shepherd-Chihuahua mix named Rosie, and I have loved being her Dog Mama! Rosie is very high maintenance and LOVES her long walks. When I have time in between meetings and necessary work correspondence, I like to take her for walks around the neighborhood and simply hang out with her in the front yard where she LOVES to sit all day. Taking a dog walk allows me to truly clear my mind and get a fresh start on my work tasks, too!
  • Wearing ACTUAL Work Clothes – Yes, everyday for work even Zoom work, I wear actual clothes. When I mean actual clothes, I mean clothes that are actually deemed appropriate for the work environment that I am in. Those clothing items do not include pajama pants and a nice top or dress. I go all in and out and put on makeup, too. Personally, I feel that I am more productive when I dress up for the day, so I do. However, I know that others can be just as productive if not more when they wear what they choose, no matter what it is. On the same token, my company does not have a dress code for the most part, but I do prefer to dress up than not either way.
  • Pre-Work Coffee Chats – In the morning, I like to drink a cup of coffee brewed freshly from my Keurig and chat with my Papa and hang with my dog Rosie. It’s nice to wake up and chat and simply get my mind running before I even crack my work laptop open for the day. It’s a nice way to be able to wake up, but also not simply rush into the structured work day behind the Zoom cameras and computer screens.
  • Meal Prep – If you know me, then you know I am a sucker for a good meal, especially cooked by me! I love cooking and find it a blast. Meal prep has become one of my favorite ways to whip up a delicious lunch and have it ready to go so I can work through the lunch time that I had allotted for myself on a given day. Some of my favorite meals include: sandwiches, leftovers from a previous dinner, pasta, salad, and soup. Not only does meal prep allow for an easy and convenient way to eat through the work day, but it also saves me money, too.
  • Making My Bed – One of the best ways to kick off my day involve making my bed! My Mom always tells me that if you didn’t feel like you accomplished anything on a given day, if you made your bed, then you accomplished something. Everyday after I get ready, I make my bed and get on the grind. Making my bed makes me feel great, and it allows for me to get all of the pillows off of the floor – hah – and crawl into bed that night in a freshly made bed, as well.

Working from home can be a challenge, but there are pretty great aspects to it too. Getting the opportunity to work from home allows me to have the flexibility to work from wherever and doing my work whenever I can, meetings and schedule permitting is super great and has been a major perk to it all. Not to mention, I enjoy walking my dog and seeing her during my breaks 24/7. COVID-19 may have had its downfalls, but it also has its ups, including the benefits of working from home. But, I am excited, above all else, to go back into the office when I can.

XOXO – Katie <3

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