48 Hours in Philadelphia Area + My Favorite Philly Sights!

Like others say, weekends away are ALWAYS good for the soul. This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend it in Philadelphia. Personally, I am ALL about saving money especially when I travel and doing it with those that I love. That being said, I stayed with my good friend Amanda and her family, who I grew up knowing as a kid, and spent the first day with my friend Violet who goes to school in the city. All in all, it was an amazing weekend and great for the soul!

I spent my first day, Friday, in the city of Philadelphia. I took Amtrak in bright and early and hung out in the city. Tip of the trade: major Amtrak stations, including Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, allow for visitors with an Amtrak ticket to store their baggage at $10/bag of any and all sizes to be stored at the station for the day as they go out and explore. So, I stored my bags at the station and went out to the city streets. My first stop of the day was Independence Hall – the building where the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both written and signed. It was so so so exciting, as I actually toured Independence Hall on Constitution Day – the day that the Constitution was coincidentally signed! My tour of Independence Hall only costed me $1 to reserve online and tour. Tours lasted approximately 20 minutes and were super neat and empowering, too.

After the tour, I channeled my inner pumpkin spice-loving basic white girl and ate a Trader Joe’s pumpkin bar while admiring Independence Hall at the outdoor park while I waited for my friend Violet. Once Violet arrived, we went to the world’s largest Wawa. Wawa is a gas station similar to Sheetz that sells sandwiches, soups, coffee, etc. made to order and it’s so so so cool! Indeed, going to the world’s largest Wawa was an experience for the books – it did not feel like I was in a traditional gas station marketplace. Rather, I felt as if I was in a city station – filled with opulence and sheer city charm. After our Wawa lunch and excursion, Violet and I went to a super cool part of Philadelphia that has a ton a murals, small businesses, and thrift stores. We went into 3 super cool thrift stores that also double as vintage shops, too. While shopping, I scored some extraordinary deals – a Michael Kors jacket, Gal Meets Glam jumpsuit, Banana Republic Blazer, Valentino Rock Stud dupes flats that are sold to this day at DSW, and a J Crew dress. I paid only $25 for everything which was pretty incredible!

Since my hangout with Violet, I then headed off to New Jersey to go to my crib for the weekend in her nearby town of Haddonfield, New Jersey. A fun fact about Haddonfield is that it is the hometown of 2020’s Bachelorette winner and fiancé to former Bachelorette and Bachelorette hostess Tayshia Adams Zac Clark. In fact, a family friend of Amanda’s actually knows Zac – my Bachelor Nation fangirl heart gleamed way way way too much. While there, Amanda and I walked around the town – Haddonfield is indeed a gorgeous town – and went to a Wine Festival in the nearby town of Haddon Heights, New Jersey. I had never been to Haddon Heights before this past weekend, but it was such an adorable little town right by the train station. Y’all, New Jersey was named the Garden State for a reason!

Through it all, I had an amazing time in Philadelphia and New Jersey this past weekend. But, before I go, I have listed a few of my favorite sights to see in the area from my trip this past weekend and from trips previously taken!

  • Independence Hall
  • Liberty Bell
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art & its steps
  • Magic Gardens
  • Franklin’s Square
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • LOVE Park
  • Penn’s Landing
  • One Liberty Observation Deck
  • South Street

Here’s to a great weekend with even greater adventures!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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