My Favorite Air Fryer Recipes + Some I Want to Try!

Salmon, fries, and pizza, oh my! I love love love my Ninja 4 Quart Air Fryer and all that it can quickly and conveniently whip up for me. I have owned it since February 2021 and it has been one of my most favorite purchases. Over the past 7 months, I had experimented with and made some amazing recipes at the convenience and luxury of my own Air Fryer. Some of these recipes I never thought I could even make in an Air Fryer, either. Today, I will be sharing my favorite Air Fryer recipes and some that I want to try very soon!

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y Favorite Air Fryer Recipes!

  • Shrimp – Shrimp has been such an Air Fryer staple of mine! I do not even have to defrost it before adding it into the Air Fryer! I can add the seasonings before or after I simply air fry it, and it is so so so easy. Typically, I top my shrimp off with Old Bay Seasoning.
  • Pizza – Whoever thought you could air fry pizza?! I surely did not! Well, until I tried it! I have so far only air fried pizza with naan as the crust, since it can easily fit into my Air Fryer and only whip it up within 5-7 minutes.
  • Fries – I am such a quirky person when it comes to the texture of my fries! However, my Air Fryer can make me some pretty great fries. It takes about 10-15 minutes and I am set!
  • Crab Cakes – Crab cakes are so fun to make, yet they can take 20-30 minutes to bake in the oven. So, I tried them in the Air Fryer and discovered that I can make one of my favorite seafood staples for a much quicker time frame in it!
  • Salmon – Like shrimp, I do not have to defrost any salmon that I air fry either! In my opinion, it is pretty great when I do not have to defrost any of my seafood before cooking it. One of my favorite ways to cook salmon in the Air Fryer is to marinate it in of all things: Chick Fil-A sauce! Yes, Chick Fil-A sauce is incredible in the Air Fryer!!

Air Fryer Recipes I Want to Try!

Personally, I want to branch off a bit from the typical seafood recipes that I make in the Air Fryer! Needless to say, I have a few ideas in mind:

  • Bagel Bites – I saw this on YouTube one night and have been dying to try since! I have heard people RAVE about homemade bagel bites.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – If I can air fry some pumpkin seeds aka a Fall staple snack, then you know that I probably will!
  • Deep Fried Oreos – Back in my college days (which weren’t that long ago – HAH!), I went to the North Carolina State Fair every year where I would ALWAYS get some deep fried Oreos. With COVID-19, I sadly will be passing on the North Carolina State Fair this year, but I hope to bring some of it with me home to Washington, DC!

Through it all, I have LOVED using my Air Fryer! Not only has it saved me time, but it has also allowed me to enjoy some unique meals that I would not have anticipated I would ever try. If you are stuck on whether or not to purchase an Air Fryer, then I say GO FOR IT! Trust me, you will not regret it.

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XOXO – Katie <3

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