DC Diaries – Part 8

Life in the nation’s capital has been an adjustment in recent times. While moving is exciting when you’re in a brand-new town, it is also very very very much of a transition, too. Like many things in life, life while moving is a rollercoaster – there are several ups and downs. Through it all, I know that my move to Washington, DC is the right move for me at this time in my life.

There have been a ton of adverse affects of COVID-19 on everyone’s lives in general and those affects definitely pertain to the work life, too. It is super nice that we can all work from everywhere and anywhere. Indeed, I know so many companies that allow their employees to telework and will be moving forward. Teleworking is great and I have appreciated and reaped the benefits of it. On the same token, it is super challenging to get connected within a new city when you are working remotely and primarily so.

Personally, to say the least, I have been struggling with making connections in my new town. I think a lot of my lack of connectivity in Washington, DC has to do with the fact that I am working remotely. Despite the fact that I LOVE working remotely and really truly value the flexibility and comfort that it has offered me, I also miss seeing folks face to face and making those face to face connections. That being said, I am luckily able to go into my company’s office and will be doing so a few times a week on days when others will be in the office, too. On the same token, I feel very lucky that I have been able to make connections in a remote enivronment. Even though I may not be able to see my company’s office life pre-COVID-19, I can reap the benefits of going into the office in a fresh and new light and still make connections both virtually and in-person.

Beyond the work world, I miss getting to know others and establishing a social life. Let’s get this straight: making friends in a post-graduation world is HARD! It is such a challenge not being around folks my own age 24/7, whether it be in class, extracurricular activity, or a social event through school. Needless to say, I have spent a lot more time alone than I have in the past. Yet, I am not upset about it. I am using this time to simply focus on myself and figure out what comes next in my social world and where I want to connect with others. I am strategizing ways to connect beyond the working world too and I have some thoughts in mind that I am striving to connect through. Not knowing is hard for us all. And guess what?! That is OKAY!

Through it all, life in the nation’s capital has been a bit of a struggle. I am definitely not in the happiest part of the post-graduation transition. But, I also think it’s important to be honest with myself and others in that I am not perfect and my life is not perfect 24/7. In fact, NO ONE’S is! At the same time, like everything, things will and they do get better. I am striving to connect more inside and outside of work and my work put in to maintain connections with others WILL pay off!

XOXO – Katie <3

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