Weekly Menu Round-Up: September 27-October 1

one time, no weekly menu! Recently, I have made a master bucket list for ALL of the Fall recipes that I have wanted to try. Now that I can officially say it’s Fall y’all, I can also officially make ALL of my favorite Fall recipes with no shame. Like I wasn’t before, but can enjoy them knowing it’s starting to get a bit cooler in the air.

Weekly Menu Round-Up: September 27-October 1

  • Meal-Prepped Lunch: The other day, I was looking up some recipes involving seafood that are also great for Fall. One of the first recipes that I came across was a Rustic Crab Quiche from Garlic & Zest – a recipe that I cannot wait to try this week and enjoy at every lunch! I will be serving my quiche with one of my favorite pre-made Food Lion salads – a Poppyseed salad.
  • Dinner 1: For quite a while, I have been intrigued by the idea of cooking up some Teriyaki Salmon! If you follow me on Instagram (@_thepinkchickadee) which you probably should – I would LOVE to connect! – then you know that I am a major fan of shopping at my local Food Lion grocery store. If you don’t know what Food Lion is, it is a grocery store chain that is near and dear to those in the central East Coast states – Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, the works. My local Food Lion carries a Teriyaki Salmon pre-made that I HAVE to try and finally bought. I will be serving my baked Teriyaki Salmon in a sheet pan style with roasted broccoli, carrots, and some skillet rice and potstickers, too.
  • Dinner 2: It may be my inner Washington, DC in me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Old Bay seasoning. My college Big Sis Stephanie made an oven butter baked shrimp with broccoli and mushrooms on a sheet pan a while back, and I have been dreaming about making it myself since! I *finally* am trying it and will be adding in some foil-wrapped baked Cod of course topped with some Old Bay to the sheet pan, too. I will top it all off over some cauliflower rice – a new favorite in my Mom’s and I’s kitchen if I’m in the mood!
  • Dinner 3: A few weeks ago, I went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on ravioli of *ALLLL* kinds. One of the ravioli’s that I picked up was their corn ravioli – ravioli that I plan to try this week with some butter and parmesan and Texas toast – a childhood favorite of mine.
  • Dinner 4: One of my favorite Air Fryer recipes, which I actually raved about in a recent blog post is air fried salmon marinated in none other than Chick Fil-A sauce. It’s a delicious creation that’s oh so unique, and indeed it is! I will be serving this salmon speciality of mine with some roasted broccoli and Mac & cheese with the noodles in the shapes of my favorite Disney Frozen characters.

This week’s menu straight from my own kitchen has me excited and looking forward to many more meals to enjoy, especially as it’s Fall y’all!!!

XOXO – Katie <3 e

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