How I Manage Blogging While Working Full Time

If you’re a blogger, then you know that there is much more work that goes into having a blog than what meets the common eye. Even if you’re not a blogger, then now you know this fact. Blogging is a lot and it’s a great side hustle of mine. Indeed, some folks blog full-time such as Kate from Lonestar Southern – a favorite of mine over the years. However, many of us bloggers do work full time jobs like myself and may not have a desire to pursue it full time. Today, I will be sharing how I manage blogging while working full time!

How I Manage Blogging While Working Full Time

  • Separating my “creative brain” and my “working brain” – This is something that I will admit that I work on everyday. One of the ways that I can be most successful with my blog is to separate what I like to call my working brain aka the brain and mindset that I put on when I am at my full time job and my creative brain or the mindset that I utilize for thinking creatively on this platform. In doing so, I am able to put my mind into a mode that is all in and focused on the task that I am performing and the objectives that I am striving to achieve, whatever it may be for. Being able to compartmentalize both of these mindsets has helped me to be successful in both my full time job and here on The Pink Chickadee.
  • Working 9 to 5 – *queues Dolly Parton!* Working the 9 to 5 lifestyle is definitely the way that we all are going for the most part when working full time. When working my full time job, I aim for 8-5 actually to be the hours that I focus solely on work and only work-related matters. During those hours, I specifically do not post on my blogging platforms, whether it be the actual blog or social media accounts. However, if I get off work early, then I may post a little bit earlier. Not posting on social media from 8-5 helps me to truly focus on my work and only my work. Moreover, it allows me to separate both of my commitments and prioritize things at different times.
  • Side Hustle Hours – The other week, I was listening to a podcast from Thrive – a company that solely focuses on empowering bloggers and their successes – featuring entrepreneur and a stationary-loving queen Erin Condren. In her interview, Condren stated that a lot of the time many of us with side hustles have to emphasize the focus on our creative thinkings during the weekends and at night time. As annoying and sometimes disappointing as that may sound to some, the focus on our full time jobs during the typical workday is vital to our successes, even within our side hustles, including our blogs!

The blogging world is a fun and exciting world filled with many commitments. But, so does the full time job world! The full time job world is just as fun and exciting and it allows us to fulfill our passions in other disciplines, too. The balance between blogging and working full-time is a challenge and something that I work on everyday in each, but it is so rewarding in the end.

XOXO – Katie <3

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