The Life of Katie!

To say that life is crazy is an understatement at times. Recently, I have been babysitting my dog Rosie – a Shepherd-Chihuahua mix from Puerto Rico – and it has been nuts! Rosie is an extremely energetic, high maintenance dog that is also in her terrible 2’s. Needless to say, she takes after her Mama aka me! Although Rosie has been consuming my life for the most part over the past week, there has also been some other things going on in my world as well.

What’s Been on my Mind?!

  • The Dollar Tree being a holiday extravaganza – the other day, I took a pit stop at The Dollar Tree. I had been hearing practically everywhere that this discount store was starting to carry Christmas merchandise, so I *had* to check it out! While there, I got a bunch of Fall/Halloween finds and even some Christmas finds! I also got some gifts for family and friends and even Rosie. It was a very exciting trip and I feel very stocked up for the upcoming festivities, too!
  • Transitioning to a Hybrid Work Environment – if you have been following along on my Instagram, which I would LOVE to have you apart of my Instagram community (@_thepinkchickadee), then you know that my company has been reevaluating our working situation since I started there at the end of July. After talking with others on my projects at work, I have learned that I can work fully remote if I so choose to or I can go into the office. My company will not be in the same way that it was pre-COVID-19 moving forward as many will be able to work remote or telework if they so choose whenever they do choose to. But, that does not stop us all from being able to go into the office if we so decide! I went into the office last week and LOVED it and am excited to go in more. Personally, I am super excited about being able to go into the office and have been making the transition to go in 1-2 days a week, specifically when other coworkers are going in as well.
  • Party Planning AGAIN – I am in the process of starting to plan a small Halloween Dinner Party! I have learned the power of using a phone to send out Evite’s and how much easier it is for everyone else’s sake as well. Before the pandemic, I used to LOVE planning events at my apartment – I hosted a Friendsgiving, Blog Launch Party (read about that here), and Galentine’s Fries Before Guys Party amongst many others – and am really excited to be able to do it again in hopes of planning a Bonfire and Friendsgiving and Christmas Party, too!
  • Car Breaking Down – The other day, I was taking my car out (currently, I am using a family car until I pick out my own) and unfortunately it had some issues. I was taking the car out as I was leaving my Mom’s house and was stopped by a lady in my Mom’s neighborhood just as I was leaving this past Sunday about my car having issues that she noticed. I ended up calling my Mom and Step Dad and we thought I was fine so I went to The Dollar Tree nearby for said haul mentioned above. Then, after many phone calls, we ended up deciding to bring the car in that day. It was stressful and sucked for all parties involved, but fortunately, the car got fixed and is up to speed now. Needless to say, I am extremely thankful that it is!

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

  • The Meredith Market – My alma Mater, Meredith College, has a sweet shop run by our Mae Grammar Alumnae House called The Meredith Market. As a donor and a proud one at Meredith, I was able to enjoy a sale on some of the shop’s merchandise. I ended up finding out that The Meredith Market is carrying some adorable new finds for preorder, including a North Carolina t-shirt in our school colors maroon and white and a custom LL Bean canvas tote with our school logo – the Meredith Lux. I ordered the t-shirt this time around along with a desk engraved Meredith Lux and a Meredith Lux car sticker for my future car. I also plan to order the LL Bean canvas tote in the coming months too!
  • Dancing with the Stars – I have really enjoyed watching Dancing with the Stars recently! Like every Bachelor Nation show aka The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise I have started watching every episode of this show every week on Hulu. Traditionally, I never really watch shows the exact time that they’re live on television (although I am watching the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise as I write this!), but Hulu allows me to watch at my own pace and catch up when I do choose to. I have raved about Jojo Siwa and did last week in my post on this season of Dancing with the Stars along with the former Bachelor Matt James *surprise*! I’m so excited for next week’s two episode series since it’ll be Disney themed in honor of Disney’s 50th Anniversary.
  • Quality time with Rosie – I have loved getting to spend some quality time with my dog Rosie, since Papa has been gone this week. Rosie is Papa and I’s dog and we both love and care for her regularly very much. Since she is a lot of work even more than other dogs, it takes two to do it all. This week, I am taking it all on myself. While it is a whole lot of work, it has overall been super rewarding and most importantly special. The quality time is priceless and I cherish it so so so much!

Recent Purchases & My Wish List Items!

  • A “High Maintenance” toy for Rosie – while at The Dollar Tree the other day, I came across a toy that said “High Maintenance on it and was *of course* pink! I could NOT resist, so I got it for Rosie and she has loved it. Rosie is one to destroy all of her toys in one sitting so Papa and I never see it just to buy her new and fancy toys that will only stay snazzy for a split second once she gets it.
  • Glitter and Daisies Aurora Ears – So, my good friend Holly who runs Glitter and Daisies – a Disney ears shop – is donating a fraction of her proceeds from sales of her Aurora Ears Collection to the American Cancer Society. I most definitely had to get a pair this month as I have been wanting to but had yet to since the shop’s opening! Check out Holly’s shop here!
  • FREE Cookbooks – Last weekend, my neighborhood was having a yard sale. My Mom and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and even scored a few things along the way. One of the things that we both scored were multiple cookbooks for FREE! I got some of the Southern Living cookbook editions from the 1980’s and the 1990’s aka a blast from the past. In my free time, I have been listing out some of the many recipes that I want to try from them all and can’t wait to try them soon!

What’s on the Docket?!

  • Weekend in Raleigh – This weekend – tomorrow actually when y’all see this – I am going to be hopping on a plane to RDU with my Jean jacket and a shift dress. Get the reference – hah! Katie’s edition of Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA! My Meredith College friends and I are going to enjoy some much needed time together simply catching up, especially at the Meredith Reunion Brunch where I few of us are going to be meeting up at. Although it will be for just two days, I am still very excited to be back in the City of Oaks!
  • Day trip to Charlottesville, Virginia – Since it seems to be that going to just Raleigh this upcoming long weekend wasn’t enough, my Papa and I will be taking a day trip to Charlottesville, Virginia on Indigenous People’s Day. I booked us tickets to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and I am so excited. I went there when I was 11, so I don’t remember much from it and am ecstatic to be going back again at an age where I can remember it all!

Now that I have shared a bunch about my life and it’s correspondences at this time, I would now LOVE to hear about yours. Comment down below something that you are looking forward to!

XOXO – Katie <3

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