My First Time Visiting My College Campus as an Alum

They always say: “when one door closes, another one opens.” On occasion, we revisit former chapters of our lives. It can be great, not so great, or a little bit of both when we do look back at our former times in life. For me, one of the best times of my life was being a college student at Meredith College – an all-women’s college down in Raleigh, North Carolina. And, last weekend, I was very lucky to be able to make a visit down to Meredith College to see campus for the very very very first time since I graduated. Although I was very happy to be back on campus, I am also happy to be beyond my college years *believe it or not*.

To us Meredith students and alums, Meredith College is known to us dearly as “Wonderland.” It is for good reason, too. Like myself, Meredith College is the wonderland where our best memories ever have taken place. There is something so special to my Meredith College sisters and I about our times at Meredith, however long they were for us.

My years at Meredith College, like I said, were some of the best of my life. At Meredith, I served as a student leader within my class and organizations school wide (you can see a list of all of the things that I was involved in in this blog post here), pursued a Mathematics degree with minors in Data Science, Statistics, and Website Development within the BEST Mathematics and Computer Science Department EVER (you can also read about all of the college classes that I took here), and met some of my best friends and now Meredith College sisters along the way. The memories that I made are memories that will last a lifetime and am eternally grateful that I was able to make, despite all of the things that occurred during my college years most notably being COVID-19. Through it all, Meredith College is the home of many of my most special memories. Truly, a Wonderland and my Wonderland these past four years and the several more years to come!

Over the course of my first few months in the post-graduation world I have learned to adapt and move beyond my college years. Looking back in my last few weeks of my undergraduate days, I was extremely drained from it all. I lived for the college life hustle and bustle – exams, homework assignments, long late study sessions, projects, and meetings around the clock. Not to mention, all of the gossip and toxicity – yes, the less-talked about things that are the prime center of any women’s college experience – that occurs, too. While gossip and toxicity occurs EVERYWHERE, at a women’s college, it takes on a different feel that at a coed school, such as my high school. When I graduated from Meredith College, I was drained and tired and ready for something new. Even though it is tough at times transitioning into the post-college way of life, it has shaped me into the woman that I am today and will shape me into the woman that I am to become moving forward. Although I proudly consider Meredith College to be a Wonderland, my sweet and beloved Wonderland is not perfect and neither are we as humans either.

When I stepped foot on Meredith’s campus, I was happy to be there. Meredith College recently filled its trademark Meredith Lake on campus that remained dry for decades before, including when I was a student there. However, I was also relieved to not be a student anymore. I was relieved that I could visit this chapter of my life again and again but not actually re-enter it. I could remember and reminisce about my sweet sweet sweet Wonderland as beautiful as it is, despite my current stage of life as a post-grad.

Whatever life may bring me, I know that Meredith College will always be there for me to step foot on as the most magical Wonderland that I know it to be.

XOXO – Katie <3

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