Weekly Menu Round-Up: October 18-22

Another week, another weekly menu! My week’s have gotten pretty busy since the most recent holiday weekend – Columbus Day weekend. However, I am still brewing some things in the kitchen to enjoy some home-cooked specialties. This week, I am not making as much in the kitchen, but I am still enjoying a few recipes here and there. Let’s get cooking!

Meal 1:

In recent times, Progresso has whipped up a new dry formula for Crockpot soups and I have been eager to try! So, I am going to be whipping up that soup recipe, myself. I am trying their chicken noodle soup formula, but not adding any chicken to it. To enjoy this soup, I will be baking some biscuits Pillsbury style and sautéing some kale.

Meal 2:

About a month ago, I stocked up on Fall products at Trader Joe’s. Now, I am oh so excited to whip up some wheat spaghetti with Trader Joe’s Autumn Harvest Pasta Sauce and add in some white wine and mussels. I will be topping off this meal with some Texas toast and kale Caesar salad!

Meal 3:

Last but not least, I will be enjoying some egg cups with broccoli and spinach within them. They’re most definitely a delicious and easy recipe to make. I’m excited to enjoy them all this week.

Here’s to an exciting week in the kitchen!

XOXO – Katie <3

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