Relationship Sunday’s – Being Thankful for your Single Days

The other day, my friend sent my friend group chat a Tik Tok of a woman who made a “Deck the Halls” parody about being single. While it was funny and each of us within the group chat agreed that it was, it also brings up the idea that being single, especially being single during the holidays, does have its pluses. With the holidays approaching, being single during the holidays can sometimes be tough. However, there is much to be thankful for within our single days on this Earth.

My mother told me that she wishes that she had enjoyed being single and simply let things happen. Naturally, many of us worry that we’ll be single forever and want to rush the process of getting into relationship and into the wedding and then marriage – which we intend to be a lasting commitment of love between us and our future partner. My mother rang true to that concept, despite the fact that the excitement of her wedding day came one day, too. It will for each and every one of us once we simply let go – believe it or not!

Personally, I like to wonder about who I will end up with. What they will be like – whether they like theatre, sports, travel, etc.? How we will meet – will it be through mutual friends, work-related conjunctions, online, or maybe even someone that I already know? What will their family and friends be like? What are their dreams and aspirations in this life? What if’s can go on and on and on. BUT, it’s fun to wonder and it’s totally VALID to do so, too. While I do love to wonder about what my future spouse will be like (and so does my Mom!), it’s important to enjoy your time as a single person on this Earth. We are single on this Earth at this time in our lives for a reason, so we must embrace that time that we have just to ourselves and ourselves only. I like to use my time to develop my own goals, grow in my career, do things that I want to do for me, shop until I drop, and grow as a human being. I hope you will, too!

Being single sometimes is daunting, especially as the holidays are approaching. I mean, some of us do get vacuum cleaners over engagement rings during this season – hah! It is not the end of the world to be a single person, even during this holiday season. One day, you will probably meet someone pretty great. In fact, that person may become “the one” aka your soulmate in your book. You two may get married and perhaps start a family together. You’ll plan a great wedding, make plans for the future together, execute those plans, and live happily together. It WILL happen – trust me! On the same token, that time is not right now. In the moment, being thankful for where you are in life is important, as just a few years ago your past self would be envious of where you are today.

Above all else, remember to be thankful, grateful, and oh so blessed EVEN yes, EVEN as a single person!

XOXO – Katie <3

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