The Life of Katie + Christmas Decorations Reveal!

Life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster this week – there have been some high’s and some low’s and a bit of magic in between. Through it all, though, I have been able to make some pretty great memories and savor the moments, while also working on myself too. As stated in the title, Christmas is officially in full swing at Chez The Pink Chickadee! I am oh so excited to be able to celebrate some Christmas cheer, even if it may be a bit early for some of y’all. As always, I LOVE to hear what y’all are up to too, so comment something good about this week down below at the end of this post!

What Have I Been Up To?!

  • Self Investment – Currently, I am striving to invest in myself, in my career, and in adjusting to my post-college graduation life. The other weekend when I was at my good friend Laura Kate’s wedding, my friend Lexie and I were discussing the idea that now is the time to focus on us and our world as official adults *I guess???*. There really is not time for an investment in a relationship when there is so much to invest within ourselves. Needless to say, I have been striving to establish myself within my career as a woman in data, work on myself, and keep my platform here on this blog growing and thriving. I am also looking to establish my social life here in the Washington, DC area. This week actually, I am taking a visit to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) headquarters, as I am interested in joining and need to actually sit down and work on my application *aka procrastination at its finest!*. The DAR application is lengthy. Other influencers have also shared with me their love of The Junior League, so I may have to just look into that, too, since I would probably LOVE it! All in all, me before we at this moment and that’s how it will be for some time!
  • Embracing the holidays – I am oh so excited about the holidays coming up! Since writing my last The Life of Katie! blog post, I have been listening to Christmas music legitimately NONSTOP! And, when I say NONSTOP, I mean the 2+ hour long YouTube videos that are just classic fireplace Christmas songs. These Christmas music marathons of mine have also been amazing for me throughout my work days which are mainly at home. I’ve been planning Christmas gifts for my friends and family as well, and I cannot wait to celebrate time together with others. Personally, I have always seen the holiday season as a time to give to others and spend time with others, too, the food is also pretty great and a major highlight for me too. The other day, I sent three of my close friends money for a coffee, and it felt so so so good. I’m also planning on doing a couple’s massage BUT with my Mom because I want company when I go for my first time and she deserves it more than anyone else in my book – she was SO excited! Needless to say, the holidays are sitting with me pretty well!
  • Thrifting – The other day, I checked out a local thrift store that I have wanted to check out for a while. It had a 5 star rating, and it definitely lived up to the hype! It’s apart of the 2nd Avenue thrift store chain with storefronts in multiple states, similar to Savers and Goodwill. For Veteran’s Day, all 2nd Avenue stores are going to have a 50% off all merchandise sale, which I cannot wait to shop this weekend like they do for many other holidays. I found my favorite Vera Bradley print that is 10 years old – Pink Cupcake – in a tote for only $8 and in excellent quality. Similarly speaking, I also found a Fenton 300th Constitution Signing Anniversary plate – worth around $30 – for $5. I am so so so excited about each of these finds and to find some more gems at their sale later this week!
  • Family Time – This past weekend, my Dad and I went to my late Great Aunt Margaret’s Celebration of Life. My Aunt Margaret and I are very similar people and had a strong bond during her living years. She is the reason that I love Lilly Pulitzer and plaid and wine. She was also the hostess with the mostess and LOVED to travel. The list goes on and on and on about ALL of our similarities. I helped my Uncle’s pick out her floral arrangement to honor her life that I live out and plan to live out until the day that I die. My Uncle’s – her son’s – and the rest of my family put together a beautiful celebration of life complete with an open wine bar and coffee and tea bar to honor her. My Dad and I had a great time seeing our family and honoring Aunt Margaret with this beautiful tribute. Moments like these make me oh so grateful for family and remind me to savor every moment with those that I truly love.

Christmas Decorations Reveal!

Now, for my Christmas decorations 2021 reveal! Most of the decorations are from previous years, The Dollar Tree, Target, and Lands End. Enjoy!

XOXO – Katie <3


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