Relationship Sunday’s – Why the Timeline Doesn’t Work

Back in my high school days, I used to picture myself meeting my true love in college and waltzing ourselves away into the postgraduate years married and living happily ever after. While my high school envisioning for myself is the reality for some, it is not the reality for myself and I am completely okay with it and happy that it isn’t. For us single folks, I know that having a timeline can sometimes provide satisfaction and a place of contentment to knowing when our perfect partner will come into our lives. BUT I am here to tell you today that NO timeline works when it comes to dating and potentially marriage. It just doesn’t.

When it comes to dating, it is easy to dream up what you want in a potential partner and strive to make it happen. On the flip side, dating is not something that I see as something that is one and done. It takes time to form a meaningful connection with someone else, whether it be a significant other, friend, coworker, or even a new pet. ALSO, I have noticed that when I spend time furiously searching for new connections in my life, whatever they may be, that they don’t seem to show up. In those moments on wayyyy too much searching for something I perceive as missing in my life, I will ALWAYS miss out on what’s in front of me in my life right then and there. What we are looking for, in fact, ends up coming into our lives when we stop searching for what we’re desiring and simply being content in the moment. This same concept goes for dating. It all happens when we least expect it.

Things happen when we least expect them to. It’s true. BUT it is SO hard to just sit back and relax and let it happen at times. AND that is OKAY! I have always been a worrier and tend to worry more than I should, especially about when I think and want things to happen. It’s HARD y’all and sitting back and letting things happen and enjoying where you are in life as much easier said than done. Indeed, it is something that I strive to work on everyday. I mean, my 10 year old self would LOVE to see where 22 year old Katie is now and I wish she could see it – she would be SOO excited!

Timelines are so not ideal when it comes to our lives. I know I love a good plan, but that’s not how life goes. Life takes its own twists and turns and it’s amazing in its own way. When we put timelines in our own lives especially when it comes to dating, we force things into our lives that aren’t right and ready for when they are meant to happen. With dating, I have always seen it to be a delicate thing that shouldn’t be rushed anyways. When we do try and rush dating and specifically dating into marriage, we miss out on the great moments along the way within our relationships and just life in general. You wouldn’t want to force yourself to finish reading a 300 page book in a day, so why would you with a relationship?!

Above all else, remember to focus on YOU and what YOU want in this life and not WHEN you want it in your life. If it is meant to be, it will all come into your life the way it is meant to. Life is so short anyways, so why spend it worrying and overthinking?! Things come the way that they are supposed to come into our lives and they will all be beautiful in the ways that they are meant to be. Personally, I love to travel and make memories together with my friends and family and dogs. Those are the memories that I want to focus on and NOT the time I spent worrying about what was next to come, as it will come when it does. It’s so hard to do and easier said than done, but it is also so rewarding, too.

The only timeline that matters in this world is our own. The timing in our lives is made in perfection for ourselves and only ourselves. Remember that.

XOXO – Katie <3

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