The Life of Katie!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am oh so excited that Christmas is officially in full swing! Personally, I have ALWAYS been a sucker for Christmas time and am ecstatic that it is December, too. Currently, my life has been crazy and overbooked but in a good way. After last year with COVID-19 pretty much shutting everything down, this year is the year to go all out and do it all. In the meantime, here are some updates into my life and all that’s been going on with me.

  • Overbooking – Nowadays, I pretty much have at least one thing a day in terms of events. I have some exciting collaborations, blog posts, and events as well as some trips coming up that it’s ALL so so so exciting. My events and things that I’m doing are so fun and it’s nice that my work is seemingly lightening up on at least one of my projects for the month of December, too. While overbooking is a lot for some, I see it as a good thing if you make it that. Life is all about what you make it, and you must make it rock as Miley Cyrus would say in Hannah Montana – hah! Though overwhelming, I like to go big or go home when it comes to the holidays and I am glad that I will be!
  • Virginia Wine Pass – the other day, I logged onto Groupon and found an amazing deal for a 2022 Virginia Wine Pass. Let’s just say that my excitement was over the moon. The Virginia Wine Pass includes discounts and deals for you and your guests when visiting several vineyards across the state of Virginia. As a proud Virginia resident, I am so excited to be able to visit not one but several vineyards in all parts of Virginia. A lot of them are day trips from my house which make it that more exciting and easy to do. Let’s just say that I have made a HUGE list of Virginia Wineries and Vineyards that I plan to visit in the new year!
  • Missing Travel – COVID-19 has halted many of our travel plans as we know it. I have made some trips within 4-5 hours away since the pandemic began and let’s just say that I really miss taking bigger trips. On the same token, I know that travel is a privilege and that many people in our world struggle to afford food and clothing, let alone taking the time and leisure to travel. So, my missing of travel is most definitely insignificant compared to others’ needs. I am hoping in the new year to take some bigger trips in the states and potentially abroad. But, in the meantime, I am hoping that no more variants spread such as the current variants that others get sick, especially if they can’t afford to be sick or take off of work or school.
  • Shopping Secondhand – In recent times, I have decided to shop secondhand more often than not. My local thrift store has so many good deals and it’s fun to be able to shop ALL of the deals! In fact, I used to shop secondhand a bunch in high school and I had a blast with it. When I moved to Raleigh for college, I never really found a thrift store that I liked with the prices and brands that I love aka the bargains. Thrifting is also super sustainable, too. I am so so so glad that I have gotten back into it now that I am living near the thrift store that I LOVED in high school. Over the past few weeks, I found and bought items from brands such as J McLaughlin, J Crew, Calvin Klein, Boden, Talbots, and Vera Bradley. Overall, thrifting is the best of both worlds – sustainable and affordable!

Life has been hectic but good at the same time. Above all else, remember that social media is only a highlight reel and everyone’s life is NOT perfect. The same idea goes for my blog posts and my blogging platform here.

XOXO – Katie <3

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