Is Ipsy Worth It?

When I was in high school, I used to get SO excited when I would see my favorite influencers at the time unboxing their monthly Ipsy bag subscriptions on most notably YouTube. Just a few years later as I got my own first-ever big girl job, I decided to *finally* take the plunge and sign up for a monthly Ipsy bag subscription in June 2021! Personally, I think that Ipsy is worth it for myself, but today, I will be sharing a little bit about Ipsy and its subscriptions and as to whether or not it may be the right fit for you, too.

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy promotes the idea that beauty is filled with self expression and inclusivity of people of all kinds. Ipsy strives to provide its community with “an endless exchange of beauty ideas” and inspiration first and foremost, celebrate the individual wearing their products, and empower others, too. Ipsy offers its consumers with a Glam Bag every month (~$13/month) that is filled with a personalized selection of sample sized products based on a survey that they take upon registration. Each of the items with the exception of one that I pick out are a big fat mystery until I get a monthly email showing me a preview of my Glam Bag when it ships. Along with the Glam Bag, Ipsy also has a Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag X option at an additional cost per month.

Along with the Glam Bag, Ipsy also allows its community to become subscribers of its Refreshments. I personally am, and each month I get some hand cream (which I use as Christmas gifts for friends and family) and makeup remover wipes that I LOVE even with my sensitive skin. Actually, I used to be an avid Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes user until Refreshments came along sending me a free complimentary package of their makeup remover wipes upon signing up, which then I knew I needed to sign up and not order from anywhere else!

Ipsy also has a shop, sells exclusive Glam Bags designed by celebrities including the iconic Halsey, and a gift section. In addition to each monthly Glam Bag, subscribers can select add-on’s, too.

Why I LOVE Ipsy!

Ipsy allows me to try different products that I would not have used otherwise. I have been given some duo eyeshadow palettes that I LOVE and make my makeup routine oh so easy. Similarly speaking, I have also loved the blushes and highlighters that I have received as well as my Ciate Watermelon scented face primer. Personally, I have not been one to shop for makeup on my own beyond what I use on a regular basis. Ipsy through and through has allowed me to try out some new and exciting products and branch out – many of these products I have LOVED!

While Ipsy is a monthly investment, I think it is worthwhile if you are into makeup, wear makeup regularly, and are always wanting to give some new products a go. Ipsy is definitely worth it for me, but I cannot answer as to whether or not it is for you. Only you can answer that for yourself.

XOXO – Katie <3

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