Relationship Sunday’s – Being Single & Content

There comes a time when a person becomes content with being single. But, that time can take quite a while for many to find a point of contention with being single. Let alone, being single in a couple’s world is a tough pill to swallow for anybody. Trust me, it is HARD to be single in a couple’s world AND happy with your relationship status (or lack thereof). Though it may be tough, I find being happy while single as something that is essential for experiencing a happy relationship and eventually true love.

For myself, I wasn’t always happy while being single. Throughout my college years in North Carolina, I witnessed many of my classmates dating others and longed for that relationship of my own. There were many nights where I felt upset as a single woman and really wanted that commitment with another person. In December 2020 out of ALL of the times that one could enter a relationship, I entered a relationship. I wholeheartedly committed myself to that person and was content with the security that it brought me. On the contrary, while in this relationship, I found myself longing for my single days yet again. As someone who was looking for jobs as a soon to be postgraduate, I missed my days of being able to not worry about another person when searching for a job and where it could be located. My then-partner wanted me to stay in the state of North Carolina, despite my connections in all other states but North Carolina. My job application process during that time was miserable. During that same time, my partner did not commit to me in the way that I had hoped they would. I felt stressed trying to reach them, as they refused to reciprocate that attention to our relationship that I felt I gave. Needless to say, right after Valentine’s Day 2021, I broke off the relationship and had never felt happier to call myself a single woman. In fact, the days after my breakup were some of the most liberating days of my life.

I share this story of mine with y’all today to share how I became content with being a single woman – by being a woman in a relationship that wasn’t true to myself or my own desires. Indeed, this relationship wasn’t the right relationship for me. As a single woman, I have been able to make my own decision to move to the Washington, DC area which I have NO regrets doing. I don’t have to sit by the phone hoping that my partner calls back when they don’t feel like it: I can have my own nights to myself and myself ONLY. I can be myself and I can be happy with who I am. I can live my life in the way that I want to without any worry for anybody else, but ME.

While in college, although I was single for most of my years there, I am glad that I was. I was able to study abroad in Italy, England, and Belize. I travelled on weekend trips to Charleston, Washington, DC, Savannah, and Ocean Isle. I volunteered and served in several student leadership positions. Needless to say, I made the best of my college experience and took in every moment and enjoyed every experience. If I was in a relationship for most of my college years, then I don’t know if I would have been able to do all that I did and enjoy it all as much as I could have.

Above all else, remember to count your blessings – being single and all! One day, you will be glad you enjoyed your single years. In fact, would you want to be in a relationship and sad that you weren’t content before entering your relationship? I surely wouldn’t and I hope you wouldn’t either!

XOXO – Katie <3

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