My 2022 Goals!

For me, a new year means new goals! At the end of every year, I look back at what I didn’t like that I consistently did and strive to make changes accordingly. I see life as a cycle of continuous improvement and setting goals each new year does exactly that for me! Below, I have listed out some of my major goals for 2022.

  • Grow in my Christian faith – In the new year, I am looking to get back into a groove of attending church more often. In high school, I went to church 2-3 times a week for different activities including Sunday church and small groups throughout the week. Those times at my church were super special for me, too. I missed those days looking back and have even signed up for a church course with a retreat that I cannot wait for!
  • Network with other bloggers and meet some IRL – 2022 is THE year that I will be meeting some other fellow bloggers in-person. I have yet to meet some of the many amazing fellow influencer/blogger friends that I have established here on this platform. So, I NEED to make it happen this year, as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to not only network with and meet other bloggers that I have yet to connect with, but also meet many of the lovely folks that I have already connected with!
  • Show off more bargains – I am a SUCKER for a bargain, BUT who isn’t?! More recently, I have become more interested in thrifting, shopping at The Dollar Tree, and simply finding a great deal. Since I am a sucker for a good bargain like all of y’all, I am so excited to share more of my bargains with y’all and want to be more consistent with sharing them on my platform, too!
  • Attend a professional conference – So, I attended a conference with my Mom in Bulgaria when I graduated from high school. Although I was NOWHERE near looking for a job when I graduated from high school, it was still such a meaningful experience of mine that indeed opened my mind up to the many many many benefits of attending a conference. That being said, I would love to attend a professional conference related to my full-time job this year!
  • Join an outside of work committee – If you knew me in college, then you know that I was the QUEEN of overcommitment. In fact, I was personally victimized by overcommitment – LOLLL! Since taking my first 6 months in my new job to simply develop myself within my company and in my new role, I am looking towards excitedly joining a brand-new committee of some sorts that is NOT work related. Something that is a great experience for me that I could use similar skills within my job, but not necessarily within my job is ideal. My overcommitment is something that I pride myself on throughout my college years and hope to get involved somehow beyond my professional world in this new year.
  • Shoot MORE items from within my closet – So, I guess I am a real life Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to my closet??? I LOVE my closet and it is huge and it is indeed my happy place. Believe it or not, there are still SO MANY items within my closet that I have yet to share with y’all that I WANT to share with y’all. In 2022, I would love to focus on sharing some of those many many many pieces with y’all and more!
  • Put myself out there more in my new city – Life is ALL about constantly putting yourself out there! What can I say?! Due to COVID-19 with the current ongoing Omicron variant and adjusting to my new 9-5 job, I have yet to establish myself in my new city. There is so much I can do here in Washington, DC that I want to do. Putting myself out there especially when it may feel like a drag will only put me so much further out there to shine!
  • Reorganize again and again and AGAIN – My newest favorite pastime has become reorganizing. I guess you can say that I am always keeping people on their toes! I have gone to both The Dollar Tree and Target multiple times and have redone my pantry a bit and am in the process or re-dolling up my office, too. The results of both of those projects will be shared here on the blog. At the same time, I am hoping to deck out my dining room, bar cart, and bathroom plus my closets. ALL of which I plan to share here, too!
  • Explore the DMV more – There is a lot to say about simply exploring your own backyard! There is SO much to do around the DMV aka the Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia tristate around that I am excited to do this year. I spent a lot of 2021 especially the end of 2021 traveling that I missed out a bit on experiencing some magic within my own backyard. As the sun sets later and later, I am itching to get out more especially after work.
  • Visit more Virginia vineyards – This year, I was gifted a 2022 Virginia Wine Pass. A Virginia Wine Pass essentially gives you and a guest discounts on goodies at each participating vineyard (varies by vineyard). There are SO many vineyards in the beautiful state of Virginia that it’s not even funny! I cannot wait to explore SO many of them, too.
  • Find a way to professionally grow – As a new, starting out employee, I am definitely looking for ways to professionally develop myself and my portfolio. Whether it be a certification, course, or simply attending an event (or two), I really want to strive to find a way to allow my resume to expand in my current role this year.

Now, onto achieving my 2022 goals! But, I am wondering, what are some of your goals?!

XOXO – Katie <3


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