My 2022 Blogger Reader Survey Results & Goals

New year, new survey! Every year, I do a Blogger Reader Survey and share the results with y’all (check out last week’s reader survey results here!). This is my second year hosting a reader survey, along with a $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway (winner to be announced later this week!). As someone who works in data analytics within her full time job, I definitely see the importance on a daily basis with my work and any endeavor that I or someone else may pursue. Like last year, I plan to publicly share my results with y’all along with some of my 2022 blogger goals!

Survey Results

Before digging into my survey results, it’s important to note that this survey includes my followers on social media, readers of the blog, and those who may do both. This survey was also voluntary and all responses are anonymous upon submission and will remain anonymous.


90.6% of my readers are women and 9.4% of my readers are men. The majority of my readers (93%) are under the age of 35. Most of my readers live in the United States within the regions of the South, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest, which I guess most Lilly Pulitzer and/or Preppy Fashion Lovers live – LOL! My respondents came from all cities across these 3 main regions, with the most popular being within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the Chicago metropolitan area, and the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Last year, most of my readers were from the South, so I’m excited to see my following expand up North and a bit West!

Unlike last year, this year’s survey included A TON of influencers from a variety of niches, but there were no repeats of influencers shared amongst different responses. Most of my readers follow fellow Preppy Fashion influencers including my friend Julie of @julies_colorful_life, Michelle of @michelles_lilly and the founder of Friends that Lilly, and Katie of @hellokatiegirlblog. Though not mentioned as an influencer per-say, many of my responders do not follow any other influencers besides my page or they are following my page along with influencers in other niches, including makeup artist Jeffree Star, travel couple Kara and Nate, and LGBTQ+ couple Allie and Sam. Overall, this insight was super neat to me, as I was anticipating a lot of similar responses when it came to influencers, BUT y’all always open my eyes to some new and exciting pages that I didn’t previously know about to follow.

Where They Follow Along & Posts Preferences:

Most of y’all follow along on either Instagram (71.9%) or Facebook (50%) or both. 93.8% of y’all have read a blog post on the site, whether or not your primary following of me on my platforms is on social media. At the same time, I was VERY excited to see that (25%) of y’all follow my site through subscribing to it via my site. To me, out of all of my site reach on social media, it’s so great to see that 1/4 of my reach comes from directly through my site alone. That being said, I am LOVING seeing my blog posts’ readership grow over this past year!

As we all know, Instagram Reels and Tok Tok’s have taken off like never before. Although Reels and Tok Tok’s are essentially the new black, only 43.8% of y’all said that they are your favorite type of posts. Meanwhile, the classic photos only Instagram and/or Facebook posts were everyone’s favorite – ranking out the reigns at 90.6%. At the same time, 46.9% of y’all love following along with my stories on Instagram and/or Facebook. And, lastly, my ShopLTK posts on the ShopLTK app are loved by 9.4% of y’all! Although I don’t post on the ShopLTK platform as consistently as I could, I am still super happy that my shopping looks and style inspiration posts there are loved by some of y’all!

Blog & Social Media Content:

In terms of blog and social media content, y’all appeared to like a variety of content that makes me me. More specifically, y’all’s favorite posts on the blog appear to be personal experiences of all kinds, whether it be my weekly menus, Relationship Sunday’s, or something else. As for social media, y’all LOVED seeing all of my outfits and watching me snap photos of different pieces from my closet – SAME! The following topics are what came up the most amongst y’all’s responses:

  • Travel
  • Personal Experiences
  • Tips
  • Outfits (especially outfit of the day)
  • Preppy Fashion
  • Home Decor
  • Financial Tips
  • Postgraduate Life
  • Affordable Fashion
  • Bargain hunting (e.g. The Dollar Tree, Great Deals, & Thrifting)
  • Shopping Guides
  • Food/Cooking (especially my Weekly Menu Round-Up’s)
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Makeup/Beauty Products

Overall, y’all LOVED topics that involved fashion – more specifically outfits of the day and preppy fashion -, finding a great deal especially at The Dollar Tree and thrifting amongst many other places, home decor, and affordable AND healthy meals. Y’all also love finding great deals at places such as thrift stores, Marshall’s, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, and The Dollar Tree. While, at the same time, enjoy shopping at Target, Amazon, Walmart, Lilly Pulitzer, Belk, and Kohl’s. Y’all are also major fans of Kate Spade! Overall, I definitely found that y’all’s preferences to shop aligned with your content desires – preppy and/or affordable fashion.

I always like to ask about y’all’s favorite small businesses as I LOVE finding new small business owners to support! I was so so so happy to see my friend Holly of Glitter & Daisies (check out her interview on the blog here!) show up as one of y’all’s favorites. Other favorites of y’all include: Evelyn Henson, Mell’s Trinkets, The Happy Headband Co, Knotties, thrift stores local to y’all’s own areas, and many more. Above all else, there were SO many small businesses that I saw that I had yet to learn of which for me means EXCITEMENT!

Now, for my favorite part, y’all aka my readers ALWAYS leave some super sweet comments. My favorites are shared below!

  • Thank you for being my friend <3
  • Your style, vibes, and the variety of content you share! I also love how genuine you are!
  • I enjoy everything about it! I just discovered this business, and I can’t wait to learn more and follow along!
  • I want to sign up for your newsletter!!! I enjoy your consistency and kind heart
  • Love your bright Sunny vibes and style and that you also share great advice & tips!
  • Pics of your outfits are fun! #Katie’s Confetti Adventure
  • You have a beautiful feed. Nice to see you go places to visit for others to see
  • I love your closet
  • I used to love reading your college updates, now love watching you enjoy life as a new grad in DC!!

2022 Blogger Goals

  • Explore the DMV more & share local favorites with y’all – There is SO much to see right here in the DMV aka the Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia tristate area. I’ve been following A LOT of other fellow DMV area bloggers and I get SO much inspiration simply from looking at their feeds and regular posts on my own feed. So, I want to get out there and explore my own hometown this year!
  • Network with other influencers – This year WILL be the year that I meet fellow influencers in real life! These past 2 years have been great blogging years for me, but I would love to meet others who also blog and/or are influencers. Luckily, I think/hope that the pandemic will die down this year a bit more, so I am hoping that I can meet others and have MANY opportunities to do so, whether it be at events such as Friends That Lilly, The Blogger Union, or simply made independently of other events.
  • Share MORE bargains – Going along with y’all’s responses in my survey, I definitely want to share with y’all more bargains, whether it be from the thrift store, Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods/Ross, The Dollar Tree, a grand markdown, or somewhere else. Bargains are ALWAYS fun and they consistently get me going and excited, so I am excited to share them with y’all too!

If you made it to the bottom of this post, THANK YOU for reading!! Here’s to a great 2022!

XOXO – Katie <3

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