Weekly Menu Round-Up: January 31-February 4

New week, new weekly menu! I’ve recently noticed that y’all have loved following along with my weekly menus and it makes me happy, too. They’re so much fun to post about and share what I make on my Instagram stories, too (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!). When getting into this week’s menu, I want to paraphrase something: things NEVER go as planned. This past week, I did not make my menu according to plan AND that is OKAY! My week did not go as expected – I had some mental struggles and that is all normal and okay. Just a reminder to y’all! Now, let’s get cooking, with HelloFresh of course 🙂

Meal 1: One-Pan Trattoria Tortellini Bake. Initially, I was going to bake this last week, BUT plans changed and that is okay. I am excited to try this recipe, as it feels like a delicious and simple yet comforting food staple. ALSO, it takes only 25 minutes to bake and my excitement is over the moon. Just like last week’s plan, I am going to serve this pasta deliciousness with Caesar salad.

Meal 2: Middle Eastern Salmon & Chickpea Bowls with Spiced Basmati Rice & Garlicky White Sauce. Very very very excited for this creation. I have always loved Middle Eastern cuisine and fell in love with it when I went to Bulgaria and Greece in June/July 2017 and frequented a Middle Eastern local joint right by Meredith College while in Raleigh during my college days. While I have yet to try salmon in a Middle Eastern cuisine dish, I am SO SO SO excited to be able to!

Meal 3: Sun-Dried Tomato Spaghetti with Fresh Herbs, Almonds, and Parmesan. This dish feels SO unique yet SO healthy and delicious at the same time. Very few times have I had a pasta dish with a nut of any kind in it and every time I do, it is AMAZING! I am oh so excited to try another pasta dish with nuts in it, especially right in my own kitchen. I will probably pair this dish with a salad of sorts, BUT knowing me: Caesar salad!

Meal 4: Sizzlin’ Hoisin Shrimp with Ginger Scallion Rice and Roasted Green Beans. Ever since I started using HelloFresh regularly, I have started to cook Asian cuisines at home. Let me tell y’all, the Asian dishes that I have whipped up in my own kitchen thanks to HelloFresh have been my favorites! My mouth is ALREADY watering from looking at photos and HelloFresh’s Instagram posts about this dish!

Meal 5: Charred Tomato & Ricotta Toasts with Walnuts, Chili Flakes, & Balsamic Glaze. While easy and simple, I am so so so excited to be able to try this dish. It comes with two servings, meaning I get two lunches out of it. And, y’all I am over the moon excited to try this dish out!

Meal 6: Shrimp & Mushroom Po’boys with Boardwalk Fries. While at college, I went to this pub regularly that was located right across the street from my apartment. Every time I went, I ALWAYS ordered the Shrimp Po’boy with French fries. AHHHH, y’all, I am CRAVING it right as I write this! Enough said.

This week’s menu excites me so so so much. Here’s to another great week for me and YOU!

XOXO – Katie <3

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