Affordable Pantry Organization

New year, same pantry just with a FEW updates! LOL – yep I changed up my pantry after a few months in my new apartment. As it goes for most folks, the more groceries I accumulated, the more cluttered it all got. So, I added in a few new little updates to my pantry to make it much more functional for myself and my day to day needs. However, I did NOT take any before photos because CRINGE – LOL!!

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SO, my pantry pretty much looks the same since first got it – the same Dollar Tree and Amazon cubbies are present. BUT, I added in some plastic rolling drawers to fill my ever-growing wine glass collection and mug collection – brought to you by my Dollar Tree and thrifting obsessions and my several friends and family members who know how much I enjoy a *very very very* occasional glass of wine (I rarely drink nowadays) and of course my ever-evolving daily addiction to coffee -, a rolling white cart (yes, this is the white version of the hot pink cart that was on my Christmas list – written here!) to store my snacks (which, by the way had NO where else to go!), and a gorgeous grip-friendly Rae Dunn area rug fit for a kitchen. Luckily, I was able to add in some Dollar Tree platters that I bought back in the summer as great organization pieces for both my rolling drawers set and my rolling white cart. The floral bucket atop of the rolling plastic drawers is a thrifted find and one of my favorite pantry assets!

Overall, while a simple pantry update that was mostly brought to you by extra things laying around in my pantry, a thrift store/Home Goods run on a budget, and Christmas 2021 (shoutout to Dad on that one!!), it was still super fun to do and spruce up a bit, especially with several things that I already had on hand.

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