Four Weeks of HelloFresh

Four times the charm, I guess! This week marks *surprise* my fifth week of HelloFresh. So, that being said, I have four weeks to reflect on of being a proud HelloFresh subscriber. Each day, I post on my Instagram stories my cooking experiences with HelloFresh (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!). In case you’re wondering, I have the 4 meals a week plan with 2 servings PLUS I order some staples for lunch, such as their sandwiches, salads, and fun little toasts, too via the HelloFresh market. My new favorite staple is their oat latte’s which are PERFECT for a healthy pick me up during the work day FULL of hustling. Now, let’s get into my four weeks of HelloFresh reflection!

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So, initially, when I started HelloFresh I was hesitant. I have ALWAYS BEEN a sucker for selecting my own meals based on my weekly cravings. Usually, my weekly cravings were 9 times out of 10 food items that are SO bad for me. That being said, I was so worried I would miss out on my cravings and perhaps have some FOMO. One of the main reasons I started HelloFresh was to begin the process of clean and healthier eating AND have the sheer convenience of my meals sent right to my door perfectly portioned for dinner for me and Papa and/or dinner for myself and lunch the next day. I have to say, though, HelloFresh has BLOWN me away! ALLLL of my hesitations have seriously been silly little worries in the scheme of it all.

When creating my weekly menus pre-my HelloFresh days, I used to take HOURS of overthinking and stressing just to create a simple weekly menu. If you know me, then you know that I am a major PLANNER and spend HOURS obsessing and planning over everything. However, with HelloFresh, I can be a lot less obsessive and a bit compulsive and simply stick to four great meals each week pre-prepped and all complete with some amazing recipes to try, too. Needless to say, my life has been made so much easier, as I just log onto the HelloFresh app, select what I want, and make sure that everything is in my set grocery budget for the week. ALSO, the more boxes you order, the more rewards you get too. My best friends Hannah and Alanna and I have each been ordering HelloFresh weekly in our respective households and we chat about it ALL THE TIME. Hannah and I both got a mini cheesecake as a reward for our fourth box aka the box with the first reward inside. Not to mention, my grocery store trips are made SO MUCH easier AND y’all know I love a good Giant and Food Lion run, too! Moreover, my life has been mad SO MUCH EASIER ever since starting HelloFresh.

A few weeks ago when I had just started using HelloFresh, my best guy friend Wyatt came over and said “I can tell you’re much happier since starting HelloFresh”. He knew that because I’m someone who really takes advantage of the highlight reel that social media is. I mean, if you follow me on social media, then you never really see me go through the emotions. It’s SO SO SO easy to simply share the highlights in our lives on social media. But, through it all, I was struggling with what I ate, where it came from, and it was all taking a tool on my emotional and physical health. BUT, HelloFresh has really helped me be my best self and has made myself feel oh so much better both emotionally and physically.

Now, above all else, you MAY just be wondering whether or not I will continue to use HelloFresh moving forward. For me, it is a most definite YES! The food is easy and fun to cook ALSO cooking is a GREAT mental break from this so called thing known as life – haha!!! – and I feel a lot better physically and mentally since getting it. My life has been so much more simplified and I feel a lot better overall since becoming a regular HelloFresh user. 11/10 for sure!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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