Relationship Sunday’s – Being Single and OKAY With It

Well, it was New Year’s Eve 2021, and I saw a meme that said “if you’re sad about not having a New Year’s kiss, then wait until Valentine’s Day – you’ll probably be single then, too.” Although a bit funny, when did it become a sad thing to be single? I hear it all the time and I am going to say it here and now: it is better to be alone than with others who make you feel alone. At the same time, being single does not make you alone or a loner. Rather, being single can be a fun time to enjoy your independence, work on growing your own self love and self empowerment, and simply doing things for YOU and no one else.

When talking about being single and some of the many things that I seriously LOVE about it, it is also important to mention that relationships don’t have to be the end all be all to our own personal independence, self growth, and doing things for yourself. In fact, when you’re indeed with the right person, you WILL feel empowered to work on yourself and be an independent person while cheering on your person in their similar journey, too.

Our world feels like it’s meant for couples – I mean, we literally have a holiday aka Valentine’s Day that is simply for couples. BUT, Valentine’s Day simply does not have to be solely for couple’s – I LOVE using Valentine’s Day as a moment for self love and care, irregardless of one’s relationship status. Indeed, there is so much to be grateful for as a single person. I’m grateful for my independence, growing on my self love journey, and doing things for me and only me. At the same time, I have an amazingly supportive group of family and friends that I am oh so thankful for every day. I have two dogs that I love to death. I have a job that I am learning to love and grow passionate for every day I report to work. And, not to mention, y’all here within my community via The Pink Chickadee. Through it all, I am extremely grateful for all that I have. Being single is literally in the smallest of scopes when it comes to all that the world has blessed me with. In the scheme of things, being single is a small thing and it’s something I’m blessed with at this moment, too.

Being single used to feel like the end of the world to me. I thought I was miserable and that being single meant that I was alone and, therefore, miserable. However, I have since learned that that is FAR from the case. When I got into a relationship with the wrong person destined for me, I realized how much I missed my single days. I was dating someone who was wanting to marry me after 2 days of dating, which *surprise* meant that I was in a relationship that got too serious wayyyy too fast. As the short-lived relationship progressed, I realized that I did not want a forever with my ex, like they did. I wanted my freedom, the ability to live wherever I wanted to (they insisted I stay in North Carolina and move to their hometown with them) post graduation, and independence. When I *finally* decided to break it off with my ex, I felt nothing but empowered. As a newly single woman, I felt READY SO SO SO READY to take on the world by storm!

For me, my relationship with my ex made me feel nothing but content about being single. I was excited to be able to enjoy my single years for what they are. And, at the end of the day, I want to look back on my single years with glee and happiness and nothing but contentment. Don’t you?!

XOXO – Katie <3

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