Happy happy Tuesday, y’all! Today is the day after Valentine’s Day and is a day in which it feels like a return to nothing but reality. Personally, I have always loved holidays such as Valentine’s Day and embrace my singleness and self love to yours truly and going back to my typical day to day life beyond allll the hearts and pink and red items on the shelves of every store. BUT, Valentine’s Day isn’t just the only time and excuse that we have for self love and care – it should be every day. Today, I’m sharing with y’all a peek into the Life of Katie and, yes, life beyond Valentine’s Day!

  • Exciting professional opportunities – This past week has been nothing but a whirlwind of excitement for me professionally. I’ve been onboarding to a project that’s in an area that I’ve since become extremely fascinated with since learning more about it and working on it on a very minimal basis back in December. While I won’t share much about my work on here, I will say that I am REALLY excited about this project and my future growth professionally on it. This project requires that I go into the office starting most likely this Spring sometime every Tuesday and Wednesday which will be so great for my social soul! At the same time, I am also on a planning committee for a STEM-related female empowerment group at my company, and it has been nothing but a blessing to me.
  • Neurodiversity awareness thanks to The Bachelor – So, if you follow me on Instagram (@_thepinkchickadee) – I’d LOVE to connect! Then, you probably already know about my major obsession with ABC’s The Bachelor Franchise. This season of The Bachelor starred Elizabeth – a neurodivergent woman who was proudly open about her disability on the show. While there was a bit of drama this season, as always, Elizabeth truly preached on being a woman who has a disability and others, including myself, rallied behind her. Elizabeth truly created a safe space for all of those to share their disabilities and embrace their differences, too. Trust me, it has been a beautiful thing. Everybody is unique and having Elizabeth on The Bachelor truly showed that to us all.
  • Enjoying Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna on Netflix – Just like The Bachelor, I am ALSO a major major major fan of Grey’s Anatomy! The writer of Grey’s Anatomy is Shonda Rhimes – who recently wrote Inventing Anna aka the Netflix series documenting the true story of Anna Delvy who is actually Anna Sorokin. Anna Sorokin was a Russian/German socialite con artist who changed her name to Anna Delvy and moved to New York City and conned several thousands of dollars out of several folks. Anna Sorokin was famously in the news, given her arrest, trial, and imprisonment following her scandal. Needless to say, Anna Sorokin walked all A LOT of people and her story is extremely intriguing. Not to mention, my inner Grey’s Anatomy fangirl LOVED seeing some of the show’s many supporting actors in Inventing Anna. Read more about her story and a bit more about the Netflix film series by THE ICONIC Shonda Rhimes here.
  • Booking up my Spring/Summer 2022!! – Yep, you heard that right. My calendar’s ALREADY booking up for Spring/Summer 2022. LOTS of excitement is happening over the next coming months. Some of the festivities include: turning 23, graduation ceremonies and parties, a good friend’s 21st Birthday, conferences and galas hosted close to home, and much more! As someone who likes to stay busy, I am OH SO glad that I can live my hustling life that I so truly love to the fullest.
  • Binge-watched Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias Season 2 in a day – Many of us fellow bloggers LOVE Netflix’s original series – Sweet Magnolia’s. While I won’t share any spoilers here in this post, I will say that I did watch the entire Season 2 in a day, which was A BALL to do, too! There were a ton of mic drop moments over the course of Season 2. At the same time, I really enjoyed ALL the gorgeous fashion statements made by several of the characters throughout the season. ALSO, I love love love some good olde Southern Charm, and Sweet Magnolia’s gives me that charm that I so miss while living up North (although, I prefer living up North at the moment!). Bring on Season 3, Netflix!
  • Draper James x Kohl’s Collaboration Fangirling – So, Draper James recently dropped a GORGEOUS collaboration with Draper James. The pieces come at a much more affordable price when compared to the brand’s usual retail price on their main site. Many of the pieces are super classic as per usual with Draper James and workwear ready to go. Knowing me, I will *probably* be purchasing some new pieces to add to my work wardrobe as I go into the office this Spring. Below, I have linked some of my favorite products from the collaboration!
  • Girl’s Weekend with Bryn last weekend & Girl’s Weekend with Alanna and Hannah this weekend – So, this past weekend, my Instagram was FLOODED with photos of me and my best friend Bryn’s Girl’s Weekend here in the Washington, DC area. A fun fact about Bryn is that she actually grew up here in the Northern Virginia area and moved down to North Carolina. Like myself, she wants to relocate to here after she graduates from college – something that we both bond over regularly! We both explored so much of the Washington, DC area – from the National Mall, the White House, Reston Town Center, her old neighborhood, The Wharf, and everywhere in between! The time that I had with Bryn was nothing but priceless and is irreplaceable. Such special memories were made, and I am SO excited to celebrate my best friend Alanna’s Birthday THIS WEEKEND down in good olde Raleigh, North Carolina and have a 3 night slumber party with her and my best friend Hannah at her new place in the area. I love these girls more than words can say – they’re truly the best best friends I could ask for, amongst others too!!!
  • Women in STEM awareness at the Smithsonian this March – The other day, I was on LinkedIn. Actually, it was a Saturday – haha! Well, I saw a post on something quite amazing – orange statues going up at Washington, DC’s Smithsonian in honor of Women in STEM. As a PROUD Woman in STEM, I am more than excited about this display throughout the majority of March here in my own city. Women empowerment is so so so important, and especially, for women in STEM who sometimes to me feel like a dime a dozen.
  • Marshall’s/TJ Maxx Swimwear Obsessed – Recently, I have been OBSESSED with Marshall’s and TJ Maxx’s swimwear pieces. I’ve most definitely been browsing a lot lately online, but luckily for my wallet, have yet to commit to buying anything from it. BUT, I do plan to buy an adorable new swimsuit this season. Below, I have linked some of my favorites that are currently online!

Whew! Now, that was a lot. I hope y’all are well, and, as always remember to take time for YOU!

XOXO – Katie <3

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