Throwing My Best Friend a Lilly Pulitzer-Themed Birthday Party!

This past weekend, I went to my college town of Raleigh, North Carolina to celebrate my good friend Alanna’s 25th Birthday – YAY!! Alanna has been one of my best friends made via my college experience and she is ALSO a fellow Lilly Pulitzer lover. One of Alanna’s dreams was to have someone throw her a Lilly Pulitzer-themed Birthday Party, so our mutual best friend Hannah and I decided to make just that happen. Today, I am going to be sharing ALLL the tea on Alanna’s Lilly Pulitzer-themed Birthday Party!!

So, for Alanna’s Birthday party, I wanted to start by planning out my outfit. I asked Alanna what her favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints were and discovered that we share one of the same favorites – Seaing Things! Y’ALL, I own 6-7 (I lost track haha!) things in this specific print. So, I decided to wear my maxi dress that I purchased during the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale back in January 2022 along with my Lilly Pulitzer x Lele Saudoughi headband in that exact print, too.

NOW, onto the decorations!! Personally, I ALWAYS choose a few base colors based off of a print and/or theme. Fun fact: for my college dorm room Freshmen year, I based it off of Lilly Pulitzer’s Peel N’ Eat print and chose the colors: aqua, gold, coral/hot pink, white, and gold. SO, I *had* to do the same base color planning for Alanna which happened to be: hot pink, white, and aqua with pops of gold. I went to The Dollar Tree *surprise* for pretty much all of it. I made out a list via my vision for Alanna’s Birthday Party, in order to make it ALLLL happen. I made a list and checked it twice while at The Dollar Tree. Some of the items on that list included: pink and white balloons, B-DAY balloon, pink tablecloths, pink utensils, ribbon, and a Birthday banner. I also allowed some room for myself to simply be creative and see what I could find via my creative soul that could go with the theme. The items that I picked up included: a “Happy Birthday” banner, a gold foil garland, ribbon, gold glittered hand lettered cake topper, a white “Birthday Girl” sash, hot pink utensils, pink and white balloons, and a gold “B-DAY” balloon. As for the Lilly Pulitzer prints, unfortunately, my printer was not working to print out images of Alanna’s favorite prints, so I went through my crafting supply bin and luckily found some old Lilly Pulitzer planner sheets. All in all, my mind was EVERYWHERE when planning Alanna’s Birthday Party decorations, but in the end, it definitely all came together beautifully.

ONTO the execution!! We hosted Alanna’s 25th Birthday Party at Hannah’s place. Hannah and I started decorating a few hours before Alanna arrived and essentially went through ALL of the decorations (which, by the way, fit beautifully into my carry-on luggage) and put them all up together before Alanna arrived. Alanna is a holy grail Chick Fil-A fan and she brought over a heart-shaped tray of 30-count nuggets. Once Alanna arrived to Hannah’s place, we all went to Publix (it was actually my first time there – yay me!!) and we picked out two cakes, cotton candy-flavored wine courtesy of Alanna’s choosing, actual cotton candy, and some chips. It was such a fun memory with some of my best friends and simply catching up with all of ours’s mutual friend Jasmine.

Through it all, I felt oh so blessed to be able to give Alanna the Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Party of her dreams. It was the first time ever that I planned a Birthday Party and it all was such a blast!

XOXO – Katie <3

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