Weekly Menu Round-Up: March 14-18

Another week, another weekly menu!! These past few weeks, I have been using HelloFresh. While I LOVE the meals via HelloFresh, it has taken a toll on my budget and has added up a lot. At the same time, I miss being able to cook the meals that I’ve cooked and wanted to cook on my own without my fridge being overtaken by HelloFresh. SO, I am trying a few weeks without HelloFresh to get a feel for it. Overtime though, I may use HelloFresh from time to time. This week will be a busy week, but it will also allow me to whip up some meals on my own!

Meal 1: Baked Rainbow Trout with Lemon, Black Pepper, and Garlic and Roasted Broccoli and Buttery Cauliflower Rice. The other day at my local Giant grocery store, I found some Rainbow Trout filets on sale, so I picked them up! I figured I would whip up a Rainbow Trout recipe and loved this one (linked here) that I found via a simple Google search. I’m excited to try it and serve it with some healthy side dishes aka my favorite roasted broccoli and cauliflower rice for a healthy, yet delish recipe!!

Meal 2: Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup & Garlic Naan Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza. This past January, I tried Progresso’s newer release of dry Chicken Noodle soup and LOVED it! So, I am going to whip it up again in the Crockpot and serve it with some Garlic Naan Pepperoni Flatbread pizza, as Monday (March 14) is Pi Day *Math majors like myself rejoice!!*.

Meal 3: Healthy Shrimp Salad topped with an Avocado and Buttered Parmesan Rainbow Pasta. I found this delicious-looking Healthy Shrimp Salad (linked here!) via Pinterest and KNEW that I had to try it. I am also oh so excited to be able to serve this salad with buttered parmesan Rainbow pasta noodles (a childhood favorite of mine!), as well.

While a shorter weekly menu, it has definitely become more realistic of what my weekly menus now look like. I am excited to try some healthy recipes that are both budget-friendly AND delicious!

XOXO – Katie <3

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