Turning 23!

If you were to tell me that on my 23rd Birthday I would be single and fabulous, I would’ve been shocked. In my later high school years, I would have expected to be married or in a committed relationship about to be engaged or even married by this age. When I toured Meredith College and ultimately decided to commit there for college, I knew that many of my future classmates and those before me got engaged and married soon after college. That Southern culture and way of life excited me then. But, what was about to be in store for me for when I graduated college the year after was much better than what I ever anticipated.

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My Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!) is filled with ALLL of my Birthday celebration adventures!!! Whether it be getting Georgetown Cupcake and enjoying them on the Georgetown Waterfront, to devouring my favorite corn fritters at Coastal Flats, and even enjoying a nice brunch in my favorite historic town nearby home of Occoquan all with my besties Alanna, Hannah, and Shivani in tow, I had an amazing time celebrating my Birthday Weekend. Beyond my biggest dreams, I had an amazing 23rd Birthday celebration and festivities ALL throughout this past week. 23 is definitely going to be a great year with an even greater kick start to it!!

The other day, my coworker and good friend of mine and I were talking about the vast differences between those who are in their early 20’s in the Washington, DC area versus in the majority of the South. In the majority of the South, people are getting married and committed to their lifelong partners during their college years and the near years after. In North Carolina where I went to college, a ton of folks are getting engaged and married to their college, high school, and even middle school sweethearts. It’s wild. Many of my classmates are engaged, married, and potentially expecting and/or have a child. Indeed, just last week, there were 3 engagements, 2 weddings, 1 wedding anniversary, and a baby announcement and more on my Facebook feed. Meanwhile, in the Washington, DC area, many of my peers and coworkers are single or in relationships that are nowhere near the stage of lifelong commitment. It’s a vast vast vast difference looking at both cultures and both of them played a role in how I saw and eventually see myself in my early 20’s.

To say that it is easy to see several major milestones related to romance and family in my Facebook feed and not feel a bit sad at times is the truth would be me lying to you. But, at the same time, for me to say that it is easy to picture myself being in a committed relationship and getting engaged and married at this time in my life would also be me lying to you. It’s, indeed, a contradiction for sure. Though I may be sad that my future isn’t where I envisioned myself at the age of 23, I am at a place where I feel utter contentment for where I am at in life. I am at a place where I am financially independent, have a job that I LOVE, amazing friendships and family that have been nothing but a blessing to me, the dog of my post-college graduation dreams aka Rosie, a great blogging community over here at The Pink Chickadee, and a never-ending amount of clothing in my full closet (aka my happy place!!!). I can most definitely see myself as happy to be right where I am now as a fabulous single lady!

The other day, I was telling my friends Hannah, Alanna, and Shivani that I feel most excited in life about my career trajectory. In my professional life, even though it is my first year out of college, I have several career goals and aspirations. Some of these professional goals are even including a Master’s degree that I plan to work for in a few years. This is something I had never even expected coming out of college. I remember this time two years ago I was devastated about the idea of missing out on many college activities due to COVID-19. One of my then-friends told me that “you came to college to get a degree”. While the degree is the main main reason for college, the social aspects of the college life are also just as important. However, her statement about college and degrees rings true to the facts that so many doors and excitement opens up once you receive that degree. These career goals of mine to me are much more exciting than anything else, including romance which I can be a sucker for. I am SO excited to see where I’ll go and view the future as nothing but bright!

Now, to take on 23 single and fabulously!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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