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I have several friends in the Class of 2022 who I also share about on my Instagram a lot too (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), whether they be from high school or college or even in my own family. With graduation already more than approaching for the Class of 2022, I wanted to share a few gift ideas for fellow Class of 2022 grads. For this year’s Gift Guide, I am sticking to for her, since for the men in my life who are in the Class of 2022, I am simply getting them sporting event tickets since they’re super sporty which makes it super easy for me – haha! On the same token, I have many ladies in my life who I want to honor and celebrate in the Class of 2022 that I hope I can help you celebrate those in your life as well.

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Last year, I graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics with minors in Statistics, Website Development, and Data Science and with Honors (I am still VERY proud of my degree!!!). As someone who graduated last year, I put together two Graduation Gift Guides with a focus on those who are interested in preppy fashion/style. They are linked below for your reference:

Graduation Gifts for Her

The gifts that I put on his graduation gift guide were very intentionally put there. When I was in college, my Dad got me a Google Home that I still use to this day, and, confession have yet to add my own personalized photos to (this post may just be a reminder for me to do just that haha!). The 32 inch LG Monitor on the gift guide was something that I purchased for myself this past March to add an additional screen during my working days and may be doing again. An LG Monitor is a GREAT and super useful graduation gift for anyone, regardless of gender, when entering college or the workforce. Fun fact: my Dad bought me a 24 inch LG Monitor for my college dorm that I still use to this day. I added 3 pairs of shoes to this gift guide – the 3 which I LOVE using for work and even social outings as they’re super versatile. The first pair of shoes are my tan Tory Burch logo flats (which I also have in black and come in other colors too) which I got at the Tory Burch outlet that make for excellent all-around flats and are super comfortable. The second pair of shoes are my Vivaia Aria pointed-toe flats that I am OBSESSED with – they are super sustainably made and come in several colors, too. The third pair of shoes are my Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bow pumps in black (they also are leather and come in multiple colors, too) this pair is a splurge – retailing for over $700 – but make for an excellent investment pair for over the years. Read more about my love for my Vivaia flats here:

I also linked my all-time favorite and practical tote – Longchamp Le Pilage Original Shoulder Bag in size Large – which I own in red, pink, tan (size small), coral (size small), and navy and have owned at least one that has maintained its quality and charm since 2014. My Stoney Clover Lane backpack is a favorite of mine (I got it in Bubblegum Pink – surprise!!!), especially since it has a 20 pound weight limit to help with my ongoing back issues. This backpack comes in multiple colors and is easily customizable with patches. I choose to add 3 patches to mine. One of my favorite wallets is my Kate Spade Spencer wallet – it is large and holds ALLL of my wallet necessities in a beautifully organized fashion. In terms of practicality, I *had* to add my Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker and my mini Keurig machine – which both come in multiple colors – to the gift guide, as for me, coffee is a necessity, especially for either college, graduate school, or the workforce. Lastly, I added my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Blowout Brush which I LOVE and find perfect for the ultimate one-step glam look! Read more about my review on my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer:

My best friend from college Hannah is someone that I LOVE to spoil! I actually purchased her the Cassie’s Designs monogrammed champagne flutes set in hot pink glitter and an Alice + Olivia reversible daisy printed-white bucket hat (sadly not in stock anymore) which she actually wore on the beach this past weekend and I loved seeing all of her photos (don’t worry y’all – she has already received her gift from me!!). At the same time, I gave her my pink/clear palm tree printed zip pouch from Lilly Pulitzer which came as a Gift with Purchase (confession: I ordered from Lilly Pulitzer TWICE and once from each time that this pouch was sold as a Gift with Purchase by the brand). I almost gave the Lilly Pulitzer pink/clear palm tree printed zip pouch to my best friend Alanna, but she definitely shopped the Lilly Pulitzer brand enough that I knew she could have easily already had one of her own – LOL! Like Hannah, Alanna is someone that I also LOVE to spoil. At the same time, I LOVE to spoil my best friend from college Shivani, too! I got her the “I Dissent” Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired t-shirt from Cassie’s Designs as well along with *of course* myself, too. If you didn’t know already, Cassie the one-woman show behind Cassie’s Designs is one of my best college friends, too, and I LOVE to support her. Read her interview on my blog about 2 years ago:

Now, happy graduation gift shopping!

XOXO – Katie <3

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