The Rain Boots I’ve Had for Years

It is hard to believe that I have worn leggings *yes, leggings* at least once since May began. It feels like the April showers have extended into May here in the Washington, DC area. On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I have raved about my favorite pair of rain boots – my Hunter Boots – that I have coincidentally owned a pair of for years now. Now, I own 3 pairs of Hunter Boots in Hot Pink (featured here!), Black, and Hunter Green.

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Flashback to my high school days in approximately 2014-2016 and it to me felt like everyone was rocking a pair of adorable Hunter Boots with their North Face jackets on a gloomy day. I admired this pair of boots so much. I would see them on Pinterest styled in beautiful preppy looks, in the classroom styled with leggings and oversized sweaters, and in the hallways as I went from class to class whereas someone probably came late to class with a Starbucks latte in hand. I saw these Hunter Boots everywhere I turned and in practically every color under the sun, ranging from Black to Yellow to Red to Grey to Eggplant Purple to Hunter Green to all shades of blue and pink and everything in between. Hunter Boots also come in all sizes and silhouettes, ranging from tall boots (which are the style of each of mine!), ankle length booties, and lengths in the middle. One of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers in the fashion world at the time (and still is as she’s since expanded into primarily travel!!!) Annie Wears It (now known as Annie Fairfax) owned several pairs of Hunter Boots which only ignited my aspirations to own a pair for myself. Check out Annie Fairfax here:

When Christmas 2015 rolled around, I knew that would be THE year that I purchased my own pair of Hunter Boots. I opted for the tall Black boots, since I knew that they would be a classic staple within my wardrobe for years to come. That Black Friday, I searched and searched and searched the web for a pair of tall Black Hunter Boots in my size on sale. And, somehow, I found just the pair on Amazon (which my Grandma, then, got for me as one of my Christmas gifts!!). The following March 2016, my family and I went to Chicago for Spring Break, where I styled this exact pair of Hunter Boots whether rain or shine for all of the days that I was there. I *even* wore my Black Hunter Boots for my Senior High School Homecoming game where I was crowned Homecoming Queen! Christmas 2016, my Hot Pink Hunter Boots were a sweet gift from my Grandma as she knew I practically lived in my Black Hunter Boots! And, then, I bought the Hunter Green Hunter Boots on sale when I was in London studying abroad. Fun fact: Hunter Boots is a British fashion brand!!!

Now that I have owned 3 pairs of Hunter Boots for about 4 years now and owned a pair of Hunter Boots for almost 7, I can say with true confidence that the boot has stayed consistent as my style and the fashion trends have evolved over the years. We ALLL know that fashion trends are ever-changing and it feels like one minute something is “in-style” and the next it is “out” – I am totally feeling those Heidi Klum from Project Runway vibes haha! I am also most definitely not getting rid of any of my pairs of Hunter Boots anytime soon either. The boots go great with everything, whether it be a Lilly Pulitzer top/dress, leggings, a plaid skirt, or even *yes, even* pajamas!

Hunter Boots in the Tall Boots style currently retail for $160 on the Hunter Boots website. I have also noticed over the years and more recently aka the other day that places such as DSW and Nordstrom Rack carry Hunter Boots, too. They have been nothing short of an excellent investment AND they can be purchased for much cheaper than $160 when you search or happen to simply hit the jackpot sometime as well. Shop them here:

& a trip down memory lane!!

My Senior Year Homecoming Game
A trip to Occoquan, Virginia
Visiting The Winery at Bull Run!
Visiting Pennington, New Jersey with my friend Chris
For a blog shoot the day I announced my previous newsletter!
At the #IfThenSheCan Exhibit in March!
Styling an outfit for a campaign with Larace!

XOXO – Katie <3

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