The Washington, DC Temple Limited-Time Open House

Earlier this weekend, I shared on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!) about my family’s and I’s adventures to the Washington, DC Mormon Temple. I have personally been interested by the Mormon religious faith and have met many friendly people who are Mormon throughout my life. So, when the Washington, DC Mormon Temple had its first-ever open house in almost 50 years, we couldn’t not take the chance to visit it!

Built in 1974, the Washington, DC Temple is the biggest Mormon faith-based temple in the United States, located in Kensington, Maryland just outside of the nation’s capital. Its purpose is to serve as a temple basis for those who identify as Mormon religiously East of the Mississippi River. There are several Mormon faith-based temples across Utah such as in Salt Lake City and beyond and in Los Angeles, California. Yet, these Mormon-based temples are a lot smaller than the Washington, DC Temple that serves a much larger population of people. These smaller temples across Utah and even in Los Angeles serve their population’s needs well, too. Fun fact: over 80% of all people who religiously identify as Mormon live within 50 miles of a Mormon-based temple. It’s super cool to think that the largest Mormon-based temple in the United States is right in my own city.

Visiting the Washington, DC temple was a super neat experience. When we arrived and parked, we were immediately greeted by friendly faces all around, both volunteers of the Mormon faith from all across the country and visitors alike. We walked throughout all 6 floors of the temple with options to take both the stairs and the elevators. The stained glass along the stairwell were extremely stunning, too, and it was super cool to look down and see the Baptism tub at the very bottom of the stairwell. We also saw the Sealing Room where wedding ceremonies take place in the presence of both family and friends, with the Bride and Groom facing one another surrounded by mirrors to represent “eternity” together, and uniting their family and friends together as one. To me, it is a beautiful thing and concept.

At the same time, we saw absolutely STUNNING paintings that embody many aspects of the Mormon religious faith. Not to mention, the temple’s interior designs were recently renovated for the first time since its 1974 construction and was BREATHTAKING! Although you cannot take pictures of the interiors while visiting, which makes for a true immersion into the visitation of the temple and learning about the Mormon faith without distractions of cell phones and technology, you can view photos of it all and learn more about the Washington, DC Temple and Mormon religious faith here:

Luckily for y’all, there’s STILL time to go and visit! The Washington, DC Temple is open to visitors now until June 11. ALL tickets are FREE and they are reserved by a parking or shuttle ticket, which means that yes, you can bring as many people in a car as you like. Tickets are to be reserved online in advance, though. You can reserve your tickets here:

XOXO – Katie <3

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