The Book Shelf that Honors my Alma Mater

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE making my home a happy place! Recently, on my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared my Lilly Pulitzer Gallery Wall – my most recent home decoration endeavor to be shared before today. My Freshmen and Sophomore college dorms were so bright and such a happy place of mine that it brought joy to others, too. A fun fact about my Freshmen year college dorm was that it became one of the big stops of my classmates’ tours when trying to find the cutest dorms in our class. It was, indeed, a fun time! And, well, my happy place home has extended well into my post-graduation years.

Recently, when I redid my Lilly Pulitzer Gallery Wall, I ALSO redid a sweet corner of my office space/end of the Lilly Pulitzer Gallery Wall that honors none other than my college alma mater of Meredith College. Before my Lilly Pulitzer Gallery Wall took shape, I had a HUGE gallery filled with photos of my alma mater Meredith College. Ranging from paintings and prints of Meredith College to awards that I received while in school, EVERYTHING seemed to be ALL-things related to Meredith College. However, it was a bit to much for what I wanted the gallery wall to be moving forward (hence, why I switched it up!). Read more about my Lilly Pulitzer Gallery Wall here:

One of my favorite memories and blogger collaborations back when I was in college was with Mapiful, where I got to create and customize my own map. Mapiful is a poster and map poster customization shop that creates GORGEOUS maps to commemorate special places to each of us. That map to me *HAD* to be of Meredith College! It was a super special collaboration of mine, as I got to honor my sweet Meredith College and the friendships, community, and relationships all established while I was in school there. So, my Mapiful framed poster had to be apart of this sweet sweet corner! Shop Mapiful designs and customizations here:

Another special memory made in college was during my study abroad adventures in San Ignacio, Belize. San Ignacio is located within the rainforest region of Cayo, Belize. One of the most unique things about Belize is the several local and ultra-talented artisans in the area. One of these artisans hand-designs metal Meredith College Lux’s (Meredith College’s logo you can say!) that are absolutely STUNNING. It is a one of a kind piece which sits on a wooden maroon easel in that sweet sweet corner.

A favorite part of this sweet sweet corner of mine is my clear glass clock. That clear glass clock is engraved with my name, as its my award given to me by Meredith College’s Math & Computer Science Department known as the Charles A. Davis Award for Outstanding Seniors in Math & Computer Science. I have so many memories from my Math & Computer Science department at Meredith College, from both my classmates who became friends, professors who became strong connections in my professional network and friends too, and my community. Essentially, the Math & Computer Science department became my academic home at Meredith College. So, to be awarded for my dedication to the Math & Computer Science department by my fellow professors was an extreme honor and is super special to me.

This sweet sweet sweet corner of my apartment is a place to honor my college memories, achievements, and community. It’s a place that I look over at and smile from ear to ear. Because, wherever I go in life, I always have my sweet memories made at Meredith College to take with me!

XOXO – Katie <3

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