So I Bought the Hill House Nap Dress

About a month ago on my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared about my purchase of the Hill House Nap Dress. I fell in love with the Hill House Nap Dress watching my blogger friend Talia of Dresses & Democracy rave about her HUGE collection of Hill House Nap Dresses as well as Jamie of Miss Maximalist with her several Instagram Reels showcasing her vast Hill House Nap Dress collection. So, when my Birthday came around, I caved in and purchased my own Hill House Nap Dress and *FINALLY* joined Nap Dress Nation.

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When I bought my first-ever Hill House Nap Dress, I literally was SO nervous to wear it. Not because I was fearful of ruining it on accident, but finding the perfect place to wear my Nap Dress to. Well, on an outing to a local vineyard near me – The Winery at Bull Run in Centreville, Virginia – I *FINALLY* decided to proclaim my Nap Dress Nation support and wear my Hill House Nap Dress! Shop my exact Hill House Nap Dress here:

Hill House has several different Nap Dress styles, ranging from the Athena, to the Ellie, and even the Caroline. I ended up going with the Ellie Nap Dress (as pictured in this post), since I loved this style the most. Initially, I was hesitant to purchase the Ellie Nap Dress, as I am a petite 5’2, but luckily for myself, the Ellie Nap dress fits perfectly like a glove as if it were a maxi dress on me. A little side note: most midi dresses in regular sizes fit like a maxi on my petite figure, and the Ellie Nap Dress is no different. I ordered my Ellie Nap Dress in a size Large, my typical dress size, and it worked well for me. I could wear a bra without it showing my bra straps either, which was something I was hesitant of when first putting it on. Overall, for the fit of the Ellie Nap Dress, it fit me like a glove!

To me, my Hill House Nap Dress is PERFECT! It felt as if I was Cinderella searching for her missing magical glass slipper which only fit her feet that her Prince Charming awaitedly found for her, but a dress edition and minus the Prince Charming. It seriously fit like a glove. I love love love this dress!!! And, even *yes even* in the summer time, it kept me cool due to its light but firm cotton fabric being able to keep me comfortable and cool throughout the sticky, humid Washington, DC area days. I can seriously see why so many people LOVE the Hill House Nap Dress and why Nap Dress Nation is such an esteemed place to be.

As for purchasing a Hill House Nap Dress, they can be bought on Hill House’s website. All Nap Dresses in all styles retail for around $120-$300 each. The pieces are classic and timeless, yet come at a hefty price tag (which stemmed my initial hesitation to purchase one). I do intend to purchase another Hill House Nap Dress in the future, but plan to wait since I have SO many summer dresses that I yet have to wear. Before purchasing my first-ever Hill House Nap Dress, I enjoyed many many many Nap Dress dupes, including this one from Old Navy that I spill ALL the tea on here:

In the meantime, I have linked some of my favorite Hill House Nap Dress styles for your own admiration (and mine, too!) below!

XOXO – Katie <3

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