The Ocean City, Maryland Restaurant Without the Crowds

If you have been to the beach during the summer season, then you know that it is PACKED at ALL times, whether it be the restaurants, the boardwalk, the beaches, the shops, or the traffic. Ocean City, Maryland is NO different than any of the other beaches crowd-wise during the summer months. I regularly visit my family at the Delaware beaches, which is close by to Ocean City, Maryland and its super fun boardwalk and GREAT restaurants. On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared a bit about my restaurant experience at The Lighthouse Restaurant – a restaurant located along the Chesapeake Bay in nearby-to-Ocean City-Bishopville, Maryland.

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My family and I spent about 30 minutes driving through the backroads of the Delaware beaches. We were driving through the farms of Delaware, which are on the outskirts of the Delaware beaches. After those 30 minutes were up, we ended up at the gorgeous Lighthouse Sound Restaurant, surrounded by gorgeous waterfront views at every turn, the sound of seagulls chirping, and amazing cuisine!

The Lighthouse Sound Restaurant is located along the Chesapeake Bay and doubles as a club house. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating and gorgeous views of the Chesapeake Bay at every turn. There is a gazebo outside, hills and hills of golf courses, pathways, and the waterfront views. They even *yes, even* have a fireplace in the Wintertime for outdoor seating. My family and I sat outside in their white Adirondack chairs to enjoy our dinner, which boast adorable preppy and classic beauty vibes! At the same time, the indoor seating offered opens up to a HUGE set of windows and there is even an Americana-themed bar, too. As for the menu, the Lighthouse Sound Restaurant offers a plethora of fresh seafood dishes that are local to the Ocean City, Maryland/Delaware beaches area. All in all, it’s a great dining experience!

The BEST part of the Lighthouse Sound Restaurant?! NO BEACH CROWDS!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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