The Life of Katie!

Long time, no life of Katie! If you follow me on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!!), then you probably know that I have had a hectic yet fun summer so far. Recently, I have been busy with work, taking some weekend and day trips, planning upcoming vacations for the rest of the year, and enjoying my summer in Washington, DC.

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Now, into what is going on with me!

  • I Bought my Dream Flats – So, on my Instagram, I shared my recent purchase that I got while on my trip to the Delaware Beaches: the Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Flats in PINK!!!! It has been my DREAM to own a pink pair of Tory Burch flats, and I am excited to officially say that I now do. So far, I have been breaking in my gorgeous brand-new pair of flats, and I am psyched for more opportunities to get to wear and style them in the coming weeks, months, and even years.
  • Starting to get into Reading – Many of my favorite fellow influencer friends are SUPER into reading. They are SO into reading that they are making me want to get into reading some books, too! I have always wanted to for the past few months get into reading some books, yet never made it into a habit. I am excited to be able to change my lack thereof of reading into a new and future habit of mine. I have ALWAYS been into nonfiction books and more specifically memoirs. The first book on my list which I purchased with the help of the oh so sweet staff at the Barnes & Noble in Raleigh, North Carolina: Becoming by Former First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Planning Upcoming Trips – Currently, I am in the process of planning a few upcoming trips. Next weekend, my best friends and I are having a quick Girl’s Trip weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina to see none other than Big Time Rush. My Papa and I are going up to Northern Maine and Canada for a week in August and I am also going to Asheville, North Carolina for a Birthday Weekend for the FIRST TIME EVER at the end of August, too. I also have some super exciting trips planned for the Fall, including: Iowa, South Dakota, Delaware beaches, the Virginia mountains, the North Carolina mountains, and even Philadelphia. Needless to say, travel is a big part of my love language, as I believe that experiences are intangible, and am super grateful and excited for the many more fun experiences of mine to come this upcoming Summer/Fall season.
  • New Amazon Prime Member – Recently, an Amazon Fresh grocery storefront opened up right by my house. I am OBSESSED with this gorgeous Amazon Fresh grocery store, as they have a GREAT selection of items and at prices that are cheaper than other nearby grocery stores. At the same time, I have been admiring many many many Amazon finds that I have seen others wearing and want to give Amazon Fashion finds a try myself, too. And, third times the charm, I am ALSO a new big big big fan of Liquid IV – an electrolyte drink mix that I picked up in the Lemon and Lime flavor from my local grocery store that wasn’t Amazon Fresh – and, well, Amazon sells Liquid IV for less than retail prices at the grocery store and on their website. SO, that all being said, I am *officially* an excited new Amazon Prime member!
  • MORE Work In-Person Events – Just last week, my company shared that they are hosting many more opportunities in-person to connect with fellow coworkers. As a VERY social being, I am super excited for these opportunities to come and will be taking full advantage of them all. While remote work has its pluses, there are some downsides to being at home super regularly, too, so I’m super happy about the in-person options to connect with others!
  • Thrifting Obsession – Recently, I have been SOOOO obsessed with thrifting. Initially, I planned to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, HOWEVER, I have decided not to since I found a Hugo Boss dress AND a Nordstrom brand dress – both for work – at my local 2nd Ave thrift store. That being said, I am excited to go thrifting this weekend on a few occasions, instead. I am checking out two new-to-me stores and am super psyched about it, too! Read more on some of my favorite items that I have found while thrifting here:

While hectic, I am excited for what is to come this summer and I hope and KNOW that good is to come for you, too.

XOXO – Katie <3

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