For the past year, I have been working primarily remote. HOWEVER, I am making efforts these next few months and into the future to work in the office in a hybrid format. Although my company has stated that it has a “casual” dress code, the unsaid guideline is pretty much that you dress business casual where jeans are acceptable. Despite the fact that I still work remote and when working remotely the dress code is practically non-existent, I STILL get the thrill of dressing up for a dress code, whatever that may be!

Back in the days in high school, I used to be REALLY into getting dressed up and wearing a cute outfit for school. I did it EVERYDAY! During my high school days, I took multiple advanced level courses at a time along with extracurriculars, so my stress levels were typically high. So, wearing a cute outfit which I picked out the night before ALWAYS got me through the days and gave me SO MUCH excitement. Needless to say, planning out my outfits of the day were such a creative outlet for me!!~

Last year, I wrote a blog post on dressing for work when there’s NO dress code aka whenever I am working remote. I have also written about wearing Lilly Pulitzer to work in the summer time, which my biggest fear in college being known as “the Lilly [Pulitzer] girl” (!!!) was that I wouldn’t be able to wear my favorite fashion brand into the office. I have linked all relevant blog posts below:

When working in the office for a business casual dress code, I think there’s A LOT of interpretation for how to dress for it. Nowadays, I feel that one can style their business casual looks in more ways than they could even 5 years ago. I am one to style brightly colored clothing for work – within means, of course!!! – and make it work within my company’s dress code. Personally, I feel it’s more helpful to list out the criteria that I use when picking out my outfits for in the office in hopes of helping you, too:

  • Closed-toe shoes ONLY and usually not sneakers or boots (unless appropriate!)
  • All clothing ironed/with NO wrinkles
  • Nothing alcohol-related (earrings, champagne-printed bag, etc.)
  • No spaghetti straps unless worn with a cardigan/jacket
  • Sleeveless tops/dresses must be formal
  • Heels must be under 2 inches tall
  • Nothing too revealing, in terms of attire

& that’s it! That all being said, business casual dress codes can leave A LOT of room for interpretation when it comes to styling outfits. I have always found it important to dress accordingly wherever you go, but also add your own twist to it, too! Individuality is IMPORTANT!!

On the same token, when it comes to pieces that I LOVE for work, here are a few that are my favorites:

  • Pearl necklace
  • White jeans
  • Midi dress
  • Blazer (in ALL colors, whether pink, navy, black, tan, or green!)
  • Tweed jacket
  • Canvas tote
  • Ballet flats
  • Maxi dress
  • Mini skirt
  • White tee
  • Striped tee
  • Maxi skirt
  • Kitty pumps
  • Little black dress (LBD)
  • Cardigan (in ALL colors, too!!!)
  • Pearl stud earrings
  • Beaded statement necklaces (they’re my FAVORITE!!!!)
  • & MOST dresses!!!

Being at home for the past 2+ years due to COVID-19 has made me now more than ever before psyched to have an excuse to dress up and see others, whether it be in a workplace, for a dinner with family or friends, sightseeing, or a happy hour. Now, to utilizing my very very very creative outlet of picking out my outfits yet again!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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