15 Fun Facts About Me!

If you know me here on the blog or on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), then you know that I am practically an open book! I’ve shared my experiences both good and bad as a single AND fabulous lady, my health experiences, and the raw truth of being a postgraduate living in a brand-new city during and within a practically post-COVID-19 world. However, what I haven’t really shared except for a bit on Instagram is a few fun facts about myself that many people besides my friends and family know! Let’s get into it!!!

15 Fun Facts About Me!

  1. Fall is BY FAR my favorite season! I’ve grown up loving the magic of Fall – with the cozy Fall fashion, the crisp Fall feeling in the air, the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving with a gateway to Christmas, and the coffee and cocktails. As for the other holidays, Spring comes in second, Winter in third, and Summer in last (I have a strong passion for disliking the heat – LOL!!).
  2. My go-to wine is Cabernet – When I started drinking wine, I was a BIG (and still am!) Chardonnay fan, but overtime I started to really have a greater appreciation for red wines, and most specifically, Cabernet. That being said, that is the wine that I ALWAYS get when I am at happy hours, work-related events, and even when I’m in the mood for a glass at a vineyard.
  3. I grew up a HUGE Vera Bradley fan – In elementary school, I fell in love with the Vera Bradley brand when my classmates all had the gorgeous quilted lunch bags. My Grandma ALSO always had a Vera Bradley purse that she took EVERYWHERE she went for decades. I, then, got my first-ever Vera Bradley item – a lunch bag in my favorite print to this day – Pink Cupcake! I still have that lunch bag and I have some folders and even thrifted a tote in that print back in November.
  4. My favorite flower is a tulip – It has been since I was a kid!
  5. I paint my own fingernails! – I used to get my nails done – both manicures and pedicures – at a nail salon, but decided against it due to the high costs and the fact that my nails chip SO quickly even with gel nail polish. I’ve started to have fun purchasing my own nail polish and doing it myself while I’m usually watching Grey’s Anatomy. Soon, I want to try a set of press-on nails, too. At the same time, I do invest in a pedicure from time to time, as I LOVE the foot rubs and massages that I can get while there. I feel like a MILLION bucks when I leave the nail salon as well!!
  6. My go-to coffee order is an iced Carmel latte – say NO more!!!
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas – Growing up, my Mom and Grandma always made Christmas SO magical. They did the beautiful dinner’s with family, decked out their houses, and baked the glorious Christmas cookies. Not to mention, my Mom and Grandma BOTH made sure to give me and my brother and the rest of our family every ounce of Christmas cheer that they had. We went to see Christmas lights, go to Christmas festivities in our hometowns, and get pictures with Santa Claus. They made Christmas SO magical and it was so special to me and continues to be my favorite holiday because of them.
  8. I grew up going to Maine – Ever since I was 5, my Mom took me and my brother up to rural Northern Maine for family reunions. On the way up (we would drive the 18 hours up there), we would stop along the way at other beautiful places in New England, including Boston, Massachusetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Lexington, Massachusetts; Higgins Beach, Maine; Portland, Maine; and Newport, Rhode Island. We would all spend some time in the town of Houlton and at the nearby East Grand Lake. I used to HATE going in my teenage years, but nowadays I am more than blessed and grateful for those times that I had up in Maine. I love it so much up in Maine that my Papa and I are going to Maine in less than a week!
  9. My favorite snacks to make for a crowd are air popped popcorn, baked kale chips, and baked oyster crackers – YES, you can bake kale chips and oyster crackers and they are SO good!!!
  10. When I travel, my favorite things to collect are magnets and handmade jewelry – My Mom got me into collecting handmade jewelry when we went to Bath, Maine as a kid and got sea glass necklaces at a local boutique. Since then, I’ve picked up handmade jewelry pieces from all across Europe when my Mom and I would travel there in my high school years and my college study abroad years along with in Belize when I studied abroad there, too. As for magnets, they’re easy to put in a luggage or bag when traveling AND they are fun to admire on my fridge!
  11. While I do love flamingoes, my favorite bird is a black capped chickadee – Growing up in New Jersey as a kid, I used to LOVE to watch the black capped chickadee chirp from my back porch. They’re the state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts. I fell in love with the bird SO MUCH as a kid that my love for them still reigns true to this day, so much that I named my blog after it.
  12. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite fast food place has been Taco Bell! – It ALL started when my Dad took me there practically weekly as a kid.
  13. I am fascinated with genealogy – In the summer of 2013, I spent hours upon hours upon hours researching into my family’s genealogy. Both my parents are ALSO very into it, too. We learned a ton about my English, Scottish, Irish, Czech, German, and Italian roots. My interest in genealogy even prompted a trip which my Mom and I took to Prague, Czechia in Spring 2015, which we did a private historical walking tour of the city, for her Bachelorette celebration. For Christmas 2020, my Mom and I also made my Great-Grandmother’s Czech sauerkraut and dumplings recipe (and failed a bit at the dumplings – haha sorry Mom!) to commemorate our heritage.
  14. My favorite food is pizza – Living in New Jersey as a kid, pizza became a regular food group in my household. New York style pizza is easily my comfort food and, since then, pizza has became my favorite dish to enjoy!
  15. I make WAYYYY too many bucket lists! – Whether it be travel, pieces to wear for work or blog photos, wish lists, dishes to try, things to do in my hometown of Washington, DC, or restaurants to try, I am ALWAYS making bucket lists of sorts!!

Fun facts are FUN to share from time to time, but what’s even more fun is learning some fun facts about others!

XOXO – Katie <3

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