The Life of Katie!

This week is the LAST WEEK before I leave for a month full of vacation. If you follow me on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I have been sharing a bit about my travel plans AND life packing and prepping for it all, too. I will be traveling to Maine, North Carolina, and Iowa with *quite a few states (more like 10)* in between!! At the same time, life has been crazy with work (which I plan to do on while on each trip, except for Maine), trainings at work, seeing friends and family before I go, and enjoying the dog days of summer in my hometown city of Washington, DC. For more on my travel plans over the next month, read on for more here:

NOW, for even more updates on the life of Katie – let’s get into the fun!

  • Even MORE travel plans – Yep, you heard me right! With both family and friends, I am currently planning a few more trips in the works on the weekends for both Fall 2022 and Winter 2023. Some of these trips include going to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Danville, Virginia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Boston, Massachusetts; and my childhood hometown of Pennington, New Jersey! I also have a group of friends planning to come up my way this Fall, too. Needless to say, travel is my love language and I love love love being able to focus on making many more memories with the family and friends that I am lucky to have in my life and spend time with.
  • MAJOR clothing purge & getting on Poshmark in a few weeks – As I am getting ready to travel for the next month to several different states, I am ALSO starting to purge through many of my old clothing pieces within my closet. I have SO MUCH clothing items that I have either purchased in the past few years or had for years yet just won’t plan to wear again. I am planning on creating a shop on Poshmark when I get back from travel and may have *just a few* more pieces to add to the shop from my closet when I get back from my adventures as well. Starting a Postmark shop was something that I have always wanted to do for a few years now and am excited to *finally* kick start it myself!
  • Soaking in summer Washington, DC days – Recently, I have been spending a lot of time in the nation’s capital. Located just a Metro ride and a 10 minute drive away from my home for me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take advantage of ALL that Washington, DC has to offer. I follow pages such as @igdc & @dcspot on Instagram and literally (if you’re one of my close friends who lives in the Washington, DC area and regularly gets DM’s from me about me gushing about every post, then you know LOL!), gush over EVERY SINGLE POST! I love my city!! In recent times, I have gone to Dupont Circle, Georgetown (stay tuned for a post in the coming days on visiting the brand-new Glossier store!), Navy Yard, the National Mall, and Metro Center for some Washington, DC fun!
  • Buying more intentionally – Currently, I am working on buying things more with intention and less with the thought of having large quantities of items JUST sitting around. I have started creating a running wish list of items that I would like to purchase, rather than buying them at an impulse on a whim. That said wish list is CONSTANTLY updated, whether it be removed from the list, an item added to the list, or the item was bought after being on the list for awhile and much thought. Some of my current wish list items include: a Kendra Scott emerald colored ring, a Honeywell tower fan (I LOVE my mini Honeywell fan), a wired dish rack, a new set of book shelves, and a SCOUT Bags storage cubby.
  • Work training – Currently, I am in a REALLY neat training as apart of my job on machine learning in Python. Fun fact: I wrote my Honors Thesis in my undergraduate college years on machine learning using data on Lilly Pulitzer’s retail sales. It was really fun to write and I learned a lot. However, having learned machine learning concepts independently initially, it was really really really nice to be able to sit in a classroom (or live Zoom webinar!) to learn some basic machine learning concepts with an instructor and others there, too. As of right now when I am writing this post, I have sat through Day 1/4 of the training, but am really looking forward to the next days of the course before I go on leave for my trip to Maine!

NOW, I am counting the days until I leave for my travel!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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