I Went to Glossier DC!

On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared a bit about my adventures in Washington, DC’s neighborhood – Georgetown. In case you didn’t know, Georgetown is an iconic neighborhood in Washington, DC known for: being the home of Georgetown University, a plethora of high-end shops and bakeries and restaurants, and its gorgeous waterfront involving views of the city and the Potomac River and of nearby Arlington, Virginia. Recently though, one of the iconic brand-new shops that has opened in Georgetown is Glossier (located on M Street). Yes, you heard me right: Glossier opened its 7th location in Washington, DC!

Glossier is a beauty brand that sells body care, makeup, fragrance, and skin care products. On their website, its founder Emily Weiss emphasizes that she “wanted to make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion.” Via interviews with hundreds of women, Weiss discovered that us women consistently buy beauty products based on what experts are telling us to buy, rather than thinking about what works for us, our beauty routines, and establishing staple beauty products to place on our own bathroom shelves. Personally, I don’t own any Glossier products, however, I would like to own some in the near future. My best friend Shivani is a HUGE fan of Glossier along with my fellow Instagram bestie Emily of @loveemilydarling – a HUGE thank you to them both for sharing with me about the opening of Glossier DC! Read more about Glossier here: https://www.glossier.com/about

When Bryn and I were in Georgetown last weekend, I knew we HAD to stop by the Glossier store. Upon arriving in Georgetown, Bryn and I went to the Starbucks that’s right by the iconic Key Bridge, which separates Georgetown from Rosslyn in Arlington, Virginia. Key Bridge ALSO offers stunning views of the Washington Monument, Potomac River, and the city skyline. Nevertheless, while at the Starbucks nearby to the Key Bridge, someone told us that the Glossier store was worth the visit, upon me mentioning it to Bryn. I had seen some Tik Tok’s of it and KNEW that I needed to go, and go again!

Upon arriving at the Glossier store, it’s important to note that they usually have a line outside of the store. Well, at least for now they do! The Glossier store caps the number of people that they let in the store at a time and for good reason, too. Luckily, Bryn and I didn’t have to wait super long, though. We, then, ….. got to walk through those *magical* doors of the aviation-themed storefront!

Needless to say, the storefront of Glossier DC was GORGEOUS! We got to walk up the magical white staircase that was lined on the sides with pink walls. The staircase literally looks like it is outside of a futuristic space-themed movie!! And, being the photo-obsessed self that I am, I most definitely got several photos ALLLL throughout the store. The walls were PINK *yes, pink!!!* and offered pops of red and white. It was a STUNNING storefront that even offered views of M Street – its Georgetown location – from up above.

Neither of us purchased anything while there, as I am trying to save up a bit more for my upcoming travel this next month. I did, however, consider purchasing some of their face masks and may do just that over time. Though, I did notice that Glossier has a unique purchasing process – you have to purchase items via one of their Sales Representatives (all items are only on for display and to sample but nothing is there for you to grab and purchase or any cashiers) and then wait in a section by the stairwell and outside of the storefront to pick up it upon your name being called. The storefront is definitely a lot smaller than other makeup stores I have been to and there weren’t really any shelves decked out with products, unlike your typical MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, or Ulta storefronts. I definitely see many beauty boutiques taking on a similar concept to Glossier moving forward, especially with a smaller storefront.

In the future, I hope to make another visit back to Glossier DC, and, more specifically with my Glossier super fan for a best friend: Shivani. Glossier DC was a GORGEOUS storefront *yes, I have said this YET AGAIN for the 50th+ time haha!* and I am excited to visit again. And, when I do make my next visit there, I hope to make a purchase there, too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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