What I Spent in a Week of Travel – Part 1

I have officially been traveling for a week of my month long full of travels! If you follow me on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), then you have probably seen ALL of my travels throughout the past week all across Maine and Canada with my Papa and dog Rosie. Don’t fret, I WILL be sharing all of the details in multiple blog posts about where we went and what we did while there. BUT, in the meantime, I am going to share all about what I spent while in Maine and Canada (thanks to my Instagram friend @supportlocaldmv for this splendid blog post idea!!).

***All photos taken while on my trip to Maine at the Mount Katahdin Scenic Overlook off of I-95 North!

  • $261.31 – lodging, including pet fee for one night at a hotel
  • $8.82 – Dunkin’ pumpkin iced latte (!!!) & donuts for me and Papa
  • $71.29 – lunch and lobster rolls in Bar Harbor, Maine (including something off of the pooch menu for Rosie!)
  • $3.15 – Parking in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • $6.00 – Cadillac Mountain reservation at Acadia National Park
  • $4.52 – iced lavender latte at Urban Almanac in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (I would pay $10 for this!)
  • $9.50 – Portland Head Light Gift Shop (picked up 2 prints before I left!)
  • $19.08 – lunch for me and Papa at a Circle K on our way home
  • $10.26 – brunch at the CUTEST Country Store in Houlton, Maine
  • $34.65 – lobster meals for me and Papa in downtown Houlton, Maine
  • $18.97 – Country North Gifts for some office decor
  • $30.75 – dinner at Big Stop Houlton for me and Papa
  • $35.62 – bargain shopping at Marden’s (10/10 highly recommend going while visiting Maine!)
  • $61.58 – thrifting at Salvation Army in Houlton Part 1
  • $26.31 – thrifting at Salvation Army in Houlton Part 2
  • $10.00 – ice cream at Houlton Farms Dairy for me and Papa
  • $6.00 – parking in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine
  • $150.77 – bargain shopping at Marden’s *yet again*
  • $3.16 – Whoopie Pies at Wicked Whoopies in downtown Freeport
  • $58.10 – gift shopping at The Blue Lobster in downtown Freeport
  • $4.50 – ice cream in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • $2.89 – Snickers bar at a rest stop in Connecticut
  • $39.03 – breakfast with my best friend Chris in Pennington, New Jersey
  • $48.69 – dinner and drinks in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • $26.67 – Fiji water and Maine wine at a local grocery store
  • $20.21 – dinner at Chili’s
  • $16.71 – breakfast at McDonald’s for me and Papa

SO MANY MEMORIES were made in Maine and Canada and the money cannot do it ANY justice!

XOXO – Katie <3

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