A Dreamy Lighthouse Visit!

While the Jonas Brothers may just be a sucker for you, I’m just a sucker for lighthouses!! I shared my photos from this dreamy occasion on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts the day I went which were later shared on my Instagram for the blog (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!) and a college friend of mine literally thought the dress I styled for the day was the PERFECT dress for the occasion. The funny story is: I *JUST HAD* planned that exact outfit of mine for this special lighthouse visit!!!

Papa and I had been planning to go to Maine and Canada for about a year before we went just a few weeks ago. ALL over this past year, I have been in love with the Lilly Pulitzer Annaleese dress in the print Bootylicious. SO, when I found this dream dress of mine after not being able to snag it in Summer 2021 (when it was released) and the September 2021 Sunshine Sale at Saks Fifth Avenue, I grabbed it right off of the online shelves – LOL!!! – and saved it just for my Maine vacation.

Being in the state of Maine for almost an entire week, I couldn’t leave the state without going to see a lighthouse. Luckily for us both, the iconic Portland Head Light (yes, the lighthouse that is featured in practically EVERY New England and/or Maine postcard) was in easy access to I-295 as we were headed back home. Portland Head Light is located along the Casco Bay on the GORGEOUS Cape Elizabeth at Fort Williams State Park. Fort Williams State Park is a dog-friendly park with PLENTY of local vendors ranging from in the parking lot up to the lighthouse. There was even a lobster food truck there because, well, we’re in Maine! AND, the pictures do not do this lighthouse ANY justice!!!

A fun fact is that I grew up going to Maine every summer throughout my childhood. My Mom would consistently year after year bring my brother and I to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. That all being said, we took many trips to the Portland Head Light. I barely remember those visits except for one. That one exact visit, I had just turned 13 or 14 and was annoyed at the fact that our summers consisted on vacations year after year to none other than Maine. We had stopped at the Portland Head Light that day and it was a HOT day, as we and I more specifically reluctantly got out of my Mom’s barely air conditioned van to go visit it. I do not remember much about that visit except that it felt like a drag to me then. However, this past visit felt like anything but a drag. I was rather excited and MUCH MORE appreciative of the beautiful state that I grew up visiting and its many gorgeous attractions (including the Portland Head Light!).

Getting to visit the Portland Head Light was a dream come true and it truly allowed me to leave the state of Maine with nothing but a BANG!

XOXO – Katie <3

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