Kicking off My First-ever 101 in 1001 Bucket List!

I am a big sucker for bucket lists!!! On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I am ALWAYS visiting new places, whether near or far. I have many many many bucket lists. The other day, I got inspired by my fellow blogger friend Annaliese of Southern Belle in Training who just completed her first-ever 101 in 1001 bucket list. SO, as someone who LOVES reaching for the stars in her own magical and confetti-filled way, I knew that I had to jump on this bucket list idea and start it TODAY!

The 101 in 1001 bucket list is a bucket list for people to complete, which allows them to complete 101 of their own goals in different categories within 1,001 days (or a little less than 3 years). Being out of college for a year now with a stronger mindset of what I want to with my life post-college graduation, I feel as if I am in a place where I can work to achieve both my career goals and personal goals. Personally, I hope to remain in the Washington, DC area and grow my career here, too. At the same time, I have professional goals within my current company that I would like to achieve which additionally involves getting a graduate degree. I also plan to provide periodical updates on the goals that I’ve achieved over time. NOW, let’s get into it!!!

Start Date: September 22, 2022 (aka the FIRST Day of Fall and a year post-my undergraduate college years!)

End Date: June 19, 2025 (I’ll be 26 and 4 years post-my undergraduate college years)


  1. Attend a leadership seminar
  2. Be making a certain salary
  3. Attend an in-person healthcare-related conference
  4. Reach a certain level of leadership within my projects
  5. Join a healthcare-related professional society
  6. Attend a Women in Technology Leadership Awards Gala
  7. Volunteer at STEM For Her Day/other STEM For Her events in relation to promoting company exposure
  8. Host a meet and greet or event with my company and my alma mater, Meredith College
  9. Continue to network within my company and beyond
  10. Attend the Women in Data Science at the University of Virginia conference again
  11. Continue to maintain and create connections with both my coworkers and clients


  1. Start the part-time MBA application process
  2. Complete a technical writing-related certification
  3. At least plan out when I want to obtain my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification
  4. Complete my company’s Human Centered Design certification


  1. Start attending church more, whether it be Wednesday night activities, Sunday services, or special events
  2. Work on reorganization within my apartment
  3. Vote in-person in an election
  4. Donate blood
  5. Finish watching Gilmore Girls
  6. Paint my dresser hot pink
  7. Decorate a statement book shelf
  8. Buy a new laptop
  9. Adopt a rescue Yorkie
  10. Participate in a local charity walk
  11. Watch a play at my local high school
  12. Watch The Crown on Netflix
  13. Paint my family’s antique lamps
  14. Decorate my apartment with family antique pieces
  15. Start scrapbooking
  16. Start investing and continue to do so
  17. Open a Poshmark shop
  18. Make more intentional purchases when shopping
  19. Read a devotional
  20. Buy and read Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup
  21. Try Korean BBQ


  1. Visit a vineyard with family
  2. Host a dinner party
  3. Have a fondue night with Papa
  4. Host a Christmas Holiday Tea
  5. Treat my Papa to dinner at The Capital Grille
  6. Host a White Elephant gift exchange
  7. Attend a Meredith College Cornhuskin’ as an Alumnae
  8. Go to a happy hour at a nearby restaurant with friends/coworkers (not planned by my company)
  9. Host a girl’s weekend for 4+ of my friends at my apartment
  10. Host a s’mores bonfire
  11. Plan a family crab feast in Annapolis
  12. Go see a Taylor Swift concert with some of my best friends
  13. Meet up in real life with my fellow influencer/small business owner friends Holly and Lindsay
  14. Join the DAR
  15. Attend a DC Bloggers Event/Meetup
  16. Meet up with DC-area-based influencer friends of mine in real life
  17. Meet up with my cousins Jack and Laura
  18. Reunite with my family and friends that I spent childhood summers up in Maine with
  19. Visit my coworker’s nail salon
  20. Tour the Library of Congress with my Dad
  21. Go to The National Christmas Tree with Papa and Aunt Amy
  22. Decorate Christmas cookies with my friend Sarah
  23. Have a DIY fancy picnic with friends


  1. Visit two new-to-me countries
  2. Visit two new-to-me states
  3. Visit a new-to-me Canadian Province
  4. Plan a girl’s birthday weekend away for my birthday
  5. Visit Charleston again
  6. Explore Uptown Charlotte
  7. Go back to New York City at Christmas time
  8. Attend another one of Papa’s family’s reunions
  9. Visit Papa’s family in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  10. Visit The Biltmore at Christmas time
  11. Plan a weekend away from our respective hometown’s with my bestie Amanda
  12. Drive myself to visit family and friends in New Jersey/Pennsylvania
  13. Visit my cousin Sabrina in Boston
  14. Visit Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia
  15. Go to New York City for the day with my Aunt Sherri
  16. Take a trip with my bestie Shivani
  17. Visit New Bern, North Carolina
  18. Visit my friend Cassie in her hometown of Winston Salem, North Carolina
  19. Explore my friend Alanna’s hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  20. Visit St. Michael’s Island, Maryland

Washington, DC:

  1. Attend Capital Pride with my company
  2. Go to a Library of Congress Happy Hour
  3. Visit Georgetown at Christmas time
  4. Explore 3 new-to-me Washington, DC neighborhoods
  5. Picnic at The National Mall
  6. Go on a Potomac River Cocktail Cruise
  7. Go to a National Gallery of Art’s After Hours Event again
  8. Tour the Old Postal Office
  9. Enjoy a High Tea
  10. Tour the White House
  11. Visit the DAR Headquarters/Museum
  12. Visit City Center
  13. Tour Mount Vernon again with my Dad
  14. Eat at Old Ebbitt Grill
  15. Visit MGM National Harbor
  16. Eat at Tupelo Honey
  17. Visit the SCOUT Bags Flagship store on a weekday
  18. Eat at Primrose DC
  19. Go on a Georgetown Canal Cruise
  20. Visit another Embassy (I went to the Jamaican Embassy as a kid!)
  21. Explore Dupont Circle again
  22. Experience the Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms at sunrise

Now, to get going on my bucket list!!!

XOXO – Katie <3


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