The Life of Katie!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Life of Katie! On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared that I am scaling back a bit on this platform for the time being to focus on my career (more on that down below!). Anyhow, life has been a bit of a rollercoaster these past few weeks – a trip to Greenville, North Carolina, tight deadlines at work, a cancelled girl’s weekend up in Washington, DC, dogsitting Rosie on my own, and an upcoming trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SO, needless to say, it has been *just a little* crazy in my life!

  • Scaling back on this platform – With my decision to scale back here on the blog, I have been able to focus more on my career and other passions beyond the blog. I am volunteering with a local organization that promotes young girls and women in pursuing their own STEM careers along with co-leading a community of practice focused on women in data science within my company. While, at the same time, getting to enjoy nights to read a magazine with a glass of wine in bed, cook more, and spend some more quality time with family and friends. On the same token, I have noticed that the world of fashion blogging is VERY focused on consumption! Consumption when it comes to fashion can be fun on the surface, yet extremely expensive and even harmful. Realistically speaking, not everyone can afford to buy clothing items ALL THE TIME and neither should anyone feel that they have to. I plan to post less here on the blog, given my schedule, too. That all being said, I want to focus more on lifestyle and travel with bits and pieces of fashion sprinkled in and still grow my platform to the best of my ability!
  • Dog Sitting Rosie – ALL week long, I am babysitting my shepherd-chihuahua mix Rosie. In case you didn’t know, I currently live my Papa and Rosie in Northern Virginia’s Washington, DC suburbs. And, Papa is currently on a hunting trip in coastal Virginia. SO, it’s just me and Rosie. Rosie is a bit of a handful at times, but, overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to have her all to myself. We luckily have a dog walker who walks her each afternoon, while I am working and in meetings, which I am SO grateful for!! I miss Papa, too, but am trying to savor the moments with just me and Rosie along with our enjoyable crisp Fall morning walks (something I want to continue doing when Papa who usually walks her at 5am is back!).
  • The Fall Weather! – Currently, it’s feeling like it’s FALL Y’ALL here in the Washington, DC area!!!! Fall is my FAVORITE season, especially for fashion, the activities, and so much more. So far, Papa and I have gone to a pumpkin patch local to us called Nall’s Produce, I have purchased ALL the Fall-themed groceries, made slow cooker soup, and *of course* embraced the Fall fashion. I have LOVED going for walks with Rosie, too, in this crisp Fall weather. My favorite way to style my wardrobe for Fall is to add a bright flair to some more chunky, neutral pieces. It’s been SO fun to layer up after a long and humid and hot summer season!
  • Cancelled Girl’s Weekend – This past weekend, my best friends Alanna and Hannah were supposed to come up to visit me in the Washington, DC area. However, due to Hurricane Ian and the weather that came with its remnants, we decided to cancel our weekend trip. We will be planning a fun girl’s weekend with potentially more of our friends in the new year, though, as Alanna and Hannah fortunately got flight credits. I was pretty disappointed that the weekend was cancelled, as I was looking forward to visiting with my friends in my favorite home city. However, I made the best of it. Papa and I visited the Workhouse Arts Center – a nearby arts center in Lorton, Virginia where artists have and sell in-house studios. Beautiful artwork all around!!
  • Career-wise – Currently, in the world of my own career, I am transitioning into taking on different roles within my company that are more of what I am interested in. I didn’t make this decision lightly and luckily my boss and Project Managers have been super supportive of it, too. I am still on the same current projects, yet I’ll take on different roles over time. It has been a busy busy busy season, along with being a part of a planning committee within my company. Needless to say, I am extremely blessed to be able to work for such an amazing and supportive company!

Now, here’s to a great Fall y’all!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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