I Saw Hamilton at The Kennedy Center!

…. And it blew us all away!!! A dream truly come true – I got to see Hamilton LIVE at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. And, well, the best part?! I went by MYSELF and had an amazing time and *even* forgot that I was there ALL alone. All in all, getting to be in the room where it happens was definitely another item crossed off my bucket list!

Hamilton was in town in my home city of Washington, DC from late August 2022 until around October 10, 2022 while on tour. It was performing at The Kennedy Center, which I write more about my experience visiting its GORGEOUS rooftop looking over the city and its brand-new exhibit dedicated to former President and founder of the performing arts center: John F. Kennedy, in the below post linked here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2022/09/29/visiting-the-brand-new-the-kennedy-center-jfk-exhibit/#/

In case you didn’t already know, Hamilton is a world-renowned musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and is based off of none other than American revolutionary statesman and one of America’s Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton’s life and story. Music from this musical can easily be found on Spotify, too. A beautiful tribute to him, through none other than a rapped musical! Currently, Hamilton is showing in New York City, London, Australia, Germany, and on tour in North America (where I saw this amazing musical!!!), which you can read more about (and hopefully comes to your home city soon, too!): https://hamiltonmusical.com/new-york/home/

If you’re a BIG fan of Hamilton or musicals in general, then you know that tickets are super high-priced to see it. I’m talking about tickets starting at around $150+ per person for nosebleed seats on a good day. BUT, somehow, I was able to score my ticket for a whooping $59 (nosebleed seats, though, but who cares when you’re seeing Hamilton?!) and around $75 with tax and fees. I scored my GREAT ticket deal on the Washington Theater marketplace, which I subscribed to here (I also know that the MyTix program via The Kennedy Center targeted at young adults 18-30 gave out even better deals on Orchestra seats, too!): https://www.washington-theater.com/?ppcsrc=ppc-adwords-city-c-e-10-washington%20theater&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIir_Ik_Hg-gIVkI7ICh3rWgkYEAAYASAAEgLdh_D_BwE

Now, while I won’t spoil anything here on what happens when you enter the room where it happens, I will say that Hamilton truly will blow us all away AND is worth every penny to see!

XOXO – Katie <3

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