Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter

Over the years, I have fallen in love with travel. I have been super fortunate to live in both Italy and England for a month each in 2018 while studying abroad for the summer back in my college years. On the same token, I have also traveled to different parts of North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware on a semi-regular basis to visit family and friends. That all being said, I consider myself to be a jetsetter from time to time!

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My for the jetsetter gift guide was A BLAST to create. I had fun looking through and pretending to shop for travel essentials that I have used and loved along with those that I may just add to my wishlist. Some of the travel essentials on this gift guide, including the Lilly Pulitzer scrunchie set, the Stoney Clover Lane Classic customizable backpack and large pouch, Vera Bradley grand hanging organizer, and Lands End weekender tote, I have used quite often when traveling. Needless to say, many of the products on this gift guide have been used regularly by myself during my travels, both near and far!

When it comes to pouches, they have been my saving grace in recent years when traveling! My Dad ALWAYS uses pouches to keep his things organized throughout his travels over the years. I used to think that he was CRAZY, yet now I am just as CRAZY if not even more than he is when judged by my younger self. In recent years, clear pouches and bags have become essential in concert venues and more across the world. Stoney Clover Lane’s customizable clear travel pouches (I purchased 2 during their sale back in late October!) are PERFECT as they’re large enough to hold the essentials, yet small enough to comfortably carry while out and about. I was also really excited to come across Sprinkled with Pink’s monogrammed pool bags, too, as they’re super adorable and also pretty great for events where there may be a clear bag policy.

Whether near or far, I am ALWAYS creating my own confetti wherever I go. My for the jetsetter gift guide allows others to create their own confetti both close to home and when on the road. Being bright and bubbly is always a go for me especially when on the go and I hope it is the same for you, too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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