Washington, DC Spots: Lucketts Holiday Open House

Have you ever dreamt of walking into a real-life Christmas Pinterest board?! Well, I certainly have! Luckily for my Christmas Pinterest dreams, I got to experience walking into what felt JUST LIKE a real-life Christmas Pinterest board over the weekend at Lucketts Holiday Open House!! It was truly a dream come true to see real-life Christmas magic come to life, especially to kick off the holiday season.

About: The Lucketts Holiday Open House is a festive fun Holiday House put on by the Old Lucketts Store – an antique store located in the town of Lucketts, Virginia just outside of Leesburg, Virginia. In the Holiday House, ALL items are up for purchase (for the most part!) including gorgeous wool blazers, scarves, blankets, plush animals, mugs, and *of course* Christmas decorations. The Holiday House is a fully timed ticketed entry only due to the long wait lines that came when visitors would line up out the doors in years past. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, luckily, the Lucketts Holiday Open House is open December 1st-4th and December 8th-11th (Thursday-Sunday each week) and tickets are $20 each. If you go with a group, it is highly recommended that you have one person book for everyone as tickets are highly likely to sell out fast. Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-old-lucketts-store-and-spring-market-17611771422

Getting there: To get to the Lucketts Holiday Open House, it is easiest to drive there. Leesburg, Virginia is the closest town, with its downtown located less than 15 minutes away via car. Metro from Washington, DC goes out to Ashburn, Virginia on the Silver Line (the new last stop on this line!) and is a 25 minute drive/Uber ride from the Ashburn Station. You ALWAYS want to put in Old Lucketts Store when routing yourself to get there via car or Uber, as the Lucketts Holiday Open House is only an extension to the Old Lucketts Store (signage will direct you via the store’s parking lot to the Holiday House). Please note that there are potentially paid tolls to drive to get there. Learn more about the Old Luckett’s Store here: https://www.luckettstore.com/

This was my first time going, and I decided to go by myself to the Luckett’s Holiday Open House and it was PERFECT for either solo dates, couple dates, friend dates, and family dates (personally, I’d love to take my Mom in a future year!), as I saw ALL kinds of groups of people there. The one thing that all of us have in common: a BIG love for Christmas. I loved getting to go through all of the magical rooms at my own pace and avoid the crowds, too. The Holiday House (even with ticketed entry) can get crowded and spaces are small and tight at times with people walking through its narrow halls. Personally, as someone who isn’t a big fan of crowds, I purposely went into the rooms that were least crowded and even ended up meeting the super sweet Andrea – who was walking around on her own when we crossed paths and agreed with me that the Holiday House IS like walking through a real-life Hallmark movie! That all being said, be prepared to deal with crowds here and there, especially when taking photos as you’ll likely want to.

I will say, the pictures that I share DO NOT do the Holiday House ANY justice! Everything is so much more gorgeous in-person, including the murals and photo booths located outside. I definitely want to come back, as The Old Lucketts Store is a small and local Washington, DC area-owned business that ALSO does a Fall and Spring market which I’d love to check out at some point, too! But, in the meantime, if you have ANY Christmas Pinterest board dreams, then definitely check out the Lucketts Holiday Open House!

XOXO – Katie <3

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